5 Things To Do To Set You Up For Success This Autu...

5 Things To Do To Set You Up For Success This Autumn



Hi everyone and happy September! In one way, I’m struggling to come to terms with the fact that we’re already 8 months into the year (how!?) but in another way, I just couldn’t be more excited for this last part of the year. September is by far my very favorite month each year. It’s my birthday month but more than that, it always feels like a fresh start. Almost like a second January.

Now don’t get me wrong, Summer is amazing. Nothing like some time off and a little less structure. But it’s this time of year that I look forward to most. The lead up to Autumn/Fall is such a great time to take a step back and really figure out the things you still want to accomplish before the year ends. It’s so much easier to get back into a routine and it’s just amazing to think you still have 4 full months to continue working towards your goals. In today’s post, I want to share some things I’m doing this week to set me up for success over these next 4 months – things that will help me make the most of every day so I don’t end the year with any regrets.

But just before I get into that, we need to talk about this outfit I’m also sharing. Fall fashion is back and I’m just the happiest girl you’ll find! When I put this look on, after 3 months of wearing shorts/dresses, I thought to myself, ‘I’m back to ME again’. Haha! Isn’t it funny how we all have seasons that just make us feel more like ourselves. This exact outfit is ‘Autumn Erika’ at it’s finest. Black Jeans, a simple knit and a classic coat. You’ll see me wearing different variations of this look 100 times this Autumn/Winter. The full look is from one of my favorite US brands, Ann Taylor, and once again they’ve exceeded all my expectations. Remember this suit I recently wore by them? When I add a new Ann Taylor piece to my collection, I just know it will be part of it for a long long time to come.

This coat is part of their new Modern Plaid Capsule Collection and it really is even more amazing in person! The fit, the quality, the silhouette. Stunning! If you also love this print for Fall, definitely check out this coat (& their other new plaid pieces) HERE.

Now back to the chat about how I’m facing into this last part of the year. As I mentioned, it really does always feel like a fresh start and for me, it motivates me to create some new routines and structures. Here are 4 things I’ve been doing this week to prep:

1. Tie up Loose Ends 
Ok so before you can really get stuck into any big projects you want to work on, you have to make sure there’s nothing to distract or hang over you. So for example, this week, I’ve been using every single spare minute I’ve had to clean up my inbox. I know it’s a small thing but when I feel like I’m on top of something such as my email/inbox, I’m so much more focused to work on the bigger things. For you, it might be something like cleaning out a room in your house that has been driving you crazy, getting your accounts/invoices up to date, clearing out your wardrobe, editing videos that have been sitting on your hardrive. Whatever it is. We all have those annoying little jobs we let pile up and from experience, as soon as I get them out of the way…I’m so much more ready for action!
2. Calendar
Something else I love to do this time of year is pull out a new planner where I can schedule out the next few weeks/months in writing. I guess September will just never not bring me back to my school days. Haha! But seriously there’s a reason it works. Having a clear look at what’s coming up for you and being able to really plan your days/weeks in detail, I believe, is the key to success. You don’t have to be working 24 hours a day, you just have to work smart and time-management is essential for that. I’ve already drawn up a big calendar in my notebook for September (doesn’t have to be fancy). You can, of course, also use something like Google Calendar but for me, I find a written one even more effective. Doing this really helps me to see what’s coming up and highlight the days where I will have time to focus on the big things I need to work on.

3. Simplify your life
This one mightn’t be for everyone, but one thing I do EVERY single September is clear out my wardrobe, makeup & apartment in general. I’m a Virgo true and true, so if my space feels cluttered, my mind feels cluttered. So when I get back to NY on the 16th – the first thing I will do that week is start cutting down everything. It’s a small thing, but wow, it seriously clears my mind.
4. Focus on 1 new habit 
Each new season, I really try to incorporate one new good habit into my routine. So this Summer, I really focused on fitness and started with a trainer to ensure I would keep it up and now for Autumn, I’m going to put a big focus on general wellbeing. I’ve been so so slow to try mediation but the more & more I read about it, I truly think I’m missing out. So once I get back to NY – it’s my mission to incorporate it into my week at least 5 times. I’ll keep you updated on how I get on. Now you think of one too and we’ll see if we can stick to them together.
5. Take a minute 
…And finally, give yourself a minute this weekend to just take stock of your year so far. What has gone really well for you? What can you improve on? What are the 3 main things you’re determined to get done before the end of the year? I say this often but I really believe that we don’t give ourselves time to think anymore. We’re so focused on what’s ahead that we don’t learn from what has just gone by. So take a minute, pull out a notepad and get writing. This one never lets me down.

Really hope this has maybe provided even the tiniest bit of motivation for you. Thank you so much as always for reading and I’ll see you in the next post!

Have a great weekend,

*Thank you Ann Taylor for kindly sponsoring this post.


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