The It Bags Everyone’s Wearing Right Now

The It Bags Everyone’s Wearing Right Now

Bags have always been my favourite accessory to splurge on. I always love adding new styles to my collection. In my opinion an outfit is not complete without the perfect bag to match and this year’s style trends have definitely confirmed that for me. We have seen an outburst of different bag styles this year. First on the runway and now in everyday street style. Definitely more than I have noticed in the last few years. So today I thought I would dedicate the post to the it bags of the moment and link some options available online right now. If you love bags as much as I do I’m sure you’ll enjoy the browse :)

The 90’s Shoulder Bag

Over the last few months every super model in the world has been wearing this style of bag non-stop and it literally feels like we’ve gone back in time to the 90’s haha! I must admit I’m pretty happy about this one. It’s super comfortable style to wear and goes really well with all styles of outfits from dressy to casual which is super handy.  I spotted this black version on ASOS which I thought was a really good affordable option to try out the trend.

The Mini Bag

I partially blame Jacquemus for this one as every since they released ‘Le Petit Chiquito‘ we’ve been seeing mini bags everywhere. While you won’t fit more than your lipgloss in most options they are a fun statement piece to wear as part of a look. This white option of perfect for Summer if you are into this trend.

The Beaded Bag

Every Summer we see some beaded bags in shops but this years there seems to be more than ever. I love this trend for holiday style in particular because there are so many colourful options available. I like the simplicity of this black option a bit more as it’s bit more versatile and would probably suit more of my looks but I’ve linked some funner options below if that’s what you’re looking for.

The Vintage Designer Throwback

…And last but not least, my favourite category – the vintage designer throwback. It’s true when they say what goes around comes around. In the last  year we have seen the comeback of so many styles including the Dior Saddle & Fendi Baguette. I now love buying vintage designer bags more than brand new ones and they are so much better value too which a huge plus.

As always I hope you liked this style of post and found an option that you like if you were looking to purchase.

Chat soon,

x Erika

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