New Apartment Update – What I’ve Been ...

New Apartment Update – What I’ve Been Buying

Happy Friday everyone – I hope you all had such a great week! I am really excited to be heading away to Miami this weekend for Tommy’s birthday. It’s a trip we’ve been looking forward to for so long and I can’t wait to switch off for a few days. It was another super busy week for me but I did manage to get lots done in the apartment which I’m very happy about. If you watched my IKEA VLOG yesterday, you’ll know I finally got the shelves for my shoes. Tommy put them up this week and it has made such a difference to the bedroom. I’ve also been doing lots of research for my sitting room and making some purchases. I finally have the time to invest in decorating the place properly and it feels great. As always I’ve been getting lots of in inspiration on Pinterest & Instagram so today I wanted to share some of with you. I thought it would be fun to share my ideas for both rooms and also what I’ve bought so far and am planning to buy. Hope you enjoy :)


I really want to approach decorating my bedroom with a whole different idea this time around. My goal is to create a really relaxed environment. I would love to add some wicker elements and a little more of a boho vibe. I’m still not 100% sure if the furniture I have already will work with this new theme but I’m going to try and incorporate it as best as I can.  I started by investing in some pampas grass and LOVE what it has added to the room already. See below for some of my inspiration photos.


As for the living room, I’m going a little more glam. I want to keep this room super neutral as well but add depth to it by introducing some black. I bought these cushions from amazon and love what they have added to the room already. Right now I have one big lamp next to my couch but if you follow me over on Instagram (@retroflame) you would have heard me chatting about swapping the lamp for two side tables/smaller lamps. I love how this looks and  think it would suit the shape of my room really well. I also need to find a console for under my TV but am undecided whether to go for something with or without storage. Another thing I need to get is a rug which I always find can be the hardest thing to shop for. So yeah there is definitely lots left to get but it’s coming together and I’m excited to see the finished room. Here is some inspo…

Below are some of the pieces I already have along with lots of others that I am currently eyeing up.


I really hope you enjoyed this little update and I promise that I will be giving you a closer look at the apartment very soon. I just have a few more things to order an we should be nearly there :)

Have a great weekend!

Chat soon,


P.S You can catch up on my latest post all about the trends to look out for this Summer HERE!


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  2. Barbara Wicks

    19 May

    I love the large gold mirror in the living room. Make it look very classy. Justmsayiing…..

  3. Abiola

    25 May

    Thanks for the inspo! I am thinking about adding a gold mirror too. I already have the sunburst style one on the wall.

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