8 Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Happy Friday guys! The sun is shining here in New York and I’m so excited for the weekend ahead here. It’s been so busy with my parents visiting & travels this month so I’m excited to have nothing to do for a full weekend here. But before I get into relaxation mode I wanted to share one more fashion post with you. And today it’s all about Summer wardrobe essentials. A lot of you are getting in touch over on Instagram lately about this topic so I wanted to dedicate a full post to it. As a lot of you know by now I like to invest in good pieces for my wardrobe and work my outfits around them. Obviously the nature of my job involves me getting new clothes quite often but I honestly think once you have certain basic neutral pieces in your wardrobe you can mix and match so many outfits, especially for Summer. So in this post I’m going through the 8 pieces I think are essential for a Summer wardrobe and that will make getting dressed easier for you over the coming months. These are the pieces I constantly reach for right now and plan to style several ways this Summer.


Some of you might have seen that I recently got a white linen shirt from M&S and I think it’s been the most worn item in my wardrobe ever since. It’s such a versatile piece for both casual & fancy looks. Plus it’s also great for holidays. A definite must have! This one from H&M looks like a great affordable option too.


This is fairly obvious because I’m sure most of us have a pair of denim shorts/ skirt in our wardrobe. But do you love them? Do they fit you well? Because I for one am the worst for keeping things that I don’t love but not buying a replacement because ‘I already have a similar pair’ and I’m sure I’m not alone. So this Summer make sure you have your dream denim shorts/skirt and I’ve no doubt you will wear them over & over. This pair looks perfect if you are on the hunt – I love that shade of blue in denim!


My go-to Summer essential – a flowy dress. It gets so hot here in NYC so this is basically my favourite thing to wear and it always looks good. You can pair one with sandals, runners or boots so again they are versatile. I would recommend investing in a few neutral options that you love and then you can style them differently throughout the Summer. This white one for example could be worn so many ways and I loveee this paisley one from River Island.


Last Summer I found myself re-wearing a pair of nude slip on sandals over and over again so I’m definitely going to be investing in a couple of similar pairs this year. I already got this pair from Shoedazzle which I’ve been wearing loads. I also love this white pair which area great dupe for the famous Hermes pair that I am so tempted by right now.


Another obvious one but I could not do this post without including basic tees/tanks. You would be surprised at the amount of outfits you can create with a simple piece like this. I love this particular t-shirt from M&S – the quality is amazing! I think this square neck tank would be so handy to have in your wardrobe too.


I have a weakness for white dresses during Summer. I definitely own a few too many but I get so much wear out of all of them. It’s an item you just can’t go wrong with. I love the simplicity of this style and and also have my eye on this one – the detail is so beautiful!


It’s definitely too sweaty here during Summer for skinny jeans so I love to substitute them with straight ones instead. I’m obsessed with this style and putting together outfits around them and I definitely think they are an essential piece in my wardrobe right now. I have these Levi’s and could not recommend them more – the fit is so so good. This white pair also scream Summer to me.


And last but not least, like flowy dresses, I love to have a few go-to fancier tops in my Summer wardrobe. I like to style these with denim skirts for a day-time look or culottes for events/nights out. This black option would be so easy to style and I also love this beige one – it would be great for holidays too.

As always I hope you took something beneficial from this post and maybe spotted some pieces you like for your Summer wardrobe.

Have a great weekend & chat soon,

x Erika


  1. Michelle

    15 June

    Love the straight jeans – kinda hard to find in shops, can only find them online to buy.

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