5 Hair Products You Need To Try

5 Hair Products You Need To Try

Hey guys and happy Friday – how was your week? I feel like it went SO fast but I’m definitely not complaining because my parents are here for the weekend. They arrived yesterday evening and we have a really fun few days planned out (mostly consisting of food haha!) …But before we get into holiday mode with them I wanted to share the last post of the week and today I’m chatting hair. I’m sure you all know by now that I love testing hair products and looking after my hair in general. I always love to try out new things and because of this I have found some holy grail products over the years. Ones I’ve used & repurchased over and over. So I wanted to share them with you and quickly chat about why I love them…


I definitely have a slight obsession with hair masks in particular and this is one of my very favourites. I think I’ve gone through about 5 or 6 tubs of this and I will definitely continue to keep purchasing it. Nothing makes my hair as soft as this. I try to use it about once a week and always see a difference when I don’t. I definitely owe a lot of my hair health to this product.


I’m sure you all know Jen Atkin’s brand, Ouai, at this stage (I really love her!) If there is one person who knows hair it is definitely her so I had to try some products from this brand. I’ve tried both the dry shampoo and wave spray so far and although I didn’t love the dry shampoo, the wave spray has become one of my holy grail products. I love spraying this on damp hair when I don’t have time to style. It adds more structure to any natural waves I have and takes down frizz. It’s also a great size for traveling.


My absolute go-to dry shampoo – I love this stuff! I’m nearly always rushing so this such a handy product for me when I need to stretch out my hair for one more day. It completely gets rid of that oily look and also adds texture & volume. Such a good one.


I adore my hair oils and definitely go between a few different ones but this is my current favourite. The brand, Gisou, was founded by a fellow blogger called Negin Mirsalehi and has quickly gained a really great reputation. Each product is infused with honey from her families bee farm. I’ve only tried the oil so far but it really is so lovely. It smells amazing, feels luxurious and always leaves my hair feeling soft & so shiny. It is a little more on the expensive side but if you are in the mood for a splurge I would definitely recommend it.


And last but not least, you might remember I recently collaborated with Colleen Rothschild to promote their Hair Care Essentials. It includes a mask (which I really like too) & a serum. And while this collection is the newest to my collection I had to include the serum in particular as I’ve been using it non-stop. It is so great to smoothing out fly aways especially when my hair is straight and I’ve definitely seen a different in the texture of my hair since I began using it.


I hope you enjoyed this style of post! As I said I’m always looking to try new things soI would love to hear in the comments what your favourite hair products are?

Have a great weekend & chat soon,

x Erika

P.s Feel free to follow along on our weekend with out parents over on Instagram (@retroflame) – I’ll be doing lots of stories :)


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