The Best Podcasts To Listen To This Weekend

The Best Podcasts To Listen To This Weekend

Hi Guys & happy Friday, Kaela here. For those of you who don’t know, I am a new member on the Retro Flame team and I’m so excited to be writing my first guest post. Erika and I were talking about podcasts recently and she thought it might be a good idea for me to share some of my favourites here on Retro Flame. I was actually traveling back to Ireland a few months ago and forgot to bring my book when I randomly decided to download a podcast (Up and Vanished). I was instantly hooked. After finishing that podcast in record time I was curious as to what other types of podcasts were out there. Much like listening to music, I choose my podcasts depending on my mood. Someday’s I’m feeling unmotivated and decide to listen to Oprah’s inspirational podcasts, other days I want to chill out at home and listen to a gripping crime drama. So I’ve put together a list of my favorite podcasts and hopefully this will help you find something new and interesting to listen to.


  • Ear Hustle– (What I’m currently listening to) Prison Life. Produced in San Quentin State Prison by inmates Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams along with Nigel Poor, and artist that volunteers at the prison. The show features interviews with inmates who share their stories. Each episode talks about different subjects such as “cellies” slang for cellmates, family, gangs, life behind bars, finding meaning in life etc… What I love about this podcast is not every episode is serious, somehow the inmates still find humour and happiness in their current situations.
  • Serial – Investigative journalism podcast. Each season focuses on a different true life storyline with shocking twists and turns.
  • Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris LightlyThe story of Chris lightly, a huge Hip Hop star who managed the likes of Missy elliot, 50 cent, Busta Rhymes, PDiddy etc.. who was found dead in his home in the Bronx.


  • Oprah’s Super SoulThis is a feel good podcast and an easy listen. It is designed to lift you up and help bring you one step closer to being your best self. In each episode we hear interviews with health and wellness experts, best selling authors, leaders, spiritual influencers etc. Each carefully chosen by Oprah herself.
  • Armchair expert with Dax SheppardDax Sheppard and American Actor, writer, producer and now podcast host. This is an exploration of people’s stories. It is about challenges and setbacks that overall lead to peoples growth and betterment.
  • Oprah’s MasterclassThis is such an interesting podcast, Listen to stories from some of the biggest and most well known voices in the world. Candid life lessons from actors, musicians, athletes and public figures such as Ellen DeGeneres, Jay-Z, Stevie Nicks, Cindy Crawford, Alicia Keys to name but a few.


  • Up and Vanished- Investigative journalism podcast hosted by Payne Lindsay. The series takes an in depth look into cases of people who have gone missing. (This has to be my favorite podcast so far. Season one had me completely captivated and wanting to listen to it every spare moment I had. It will have you on the edge of your seat and feeling like you could be an investigative journalist yourself. )
  • In the DarkCrime Investigation. Each season highlights and questions the law enforcement in the United States. Each season focusses on a murder case, but the show focusses on justice rather then crime.
  • Dirty JohnTrue Crime podcast based on the life of John Meehan, a con artist and sociopath. Netflix also released their own version of this story which I’m looking forward to watching!
  • Somebody knows SomethingIf you are interested in cold cases you will love this! The show focuses on multiple cold cases that will have you in anticipation for what will happen next.


  • Hidden BrainReveal the unconscious pattern that drives human behavior that shapes our choices and relationships.
  • 99% InvisibleFor the creative people out there who have an interest in design and architecture. It explores aspects of design and architecture as well as interviews with architects, experts and people who have been influenced by design.


  • Pod Save the World– This podcast is a way for me to keep up to date on what’s going on in the world with it’s focus on Global Issues. Former White House National Security Councilman Tommy Viector hosts a weekly podcast that discusses foreign policy and international relations.


  • Vogue Podcast– This is next on my list to listen to. If you are a fashion lover like us I’m sure you will enjoy this. André Leon Talley is the host, who covers everything from what’s new in the fashion world to what everyone is talking about in the Vogue office. (I’m sure we would all love to know!)

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some good recommendations. If you are new to podcasts, I have no doubt you will love them :)

Kaela xo


  1. Aisling

    6 April

    Thanks for the recommendations, I love podcasts so will definitely check some of these out! If you are looking for some interesting new ones to listen to here are some of my favourites:
    Talking tastebuds with Venetia Falconer
    The Laughs of your life with Doireann Garrihy
    Ctrl Alt Delete with Emma Gannon
    How to fail with Elizabeth Day
    The High-Low with Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes
    The Rich Roll podcast
    The Power Hour with Adrienne Herbert
    Mothers of Invention with Mary Robinson and Maeve Higgins
    Nutrition Rounds with Dr Danielle Belardo
    Happy Place with Fearne Cotton
    The Guilty Feminist with Deborah Francis White
    Love Stories with Dolly Alderton
    When Women Win with Rana Nawas
    Amanpour with Christiane Amanpour

    These cover a wide range of topics and many are motivational to get out and achieve your goals or try something new.
    If you get a chance to check them out, I hope you enjoy.

    Thanks again for your post, have a great weekend! :)

  2. Christine

    6 April

    Ear Hustle is a great one! Thanjs for sharing the other ones I love podcasts!!!

  3. Abiola

    25 May

    Thanks for the list!! Keep up the great work. xo

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