How To Travel Seamlessly This Summer

How To Travel Seamlessly This Summer

It’s officially that time of year again where everyone seems to be travelling. And whether it’s a short roadtrip or a long haul flight, it can be a little stressful. It involves planning and packing – two overwhelming things. So with our next trip of the year coming up today I thought I’d focus today’s post on travel tips. I wanted to advise you on how to travel seamlessly this Summer. I’m definitely no expert but they are a few things I’ve started doing over the last few months or so that have made travel SO much easier. Particularly for my trip to Australia. So lets jump right into it…


First things first, your health. It’s not a coincidence people always get sick while travelling. It’s hard on your body and can be super tiring. So you need to be prepared. The last thing you want to do is spend money on a trip and not be able to enjoy it. A few things I do in the run up to a trip are:

1) Take some multi-vitamins – this builds up your immune system so if you do come in contact with anything you body will be able to fight it a lot more easily

2) Get hand sanitizer for the flight – a must.

3) Keep Hydrated. This is SO important.


This is probably an obvious one but MAKE SURE YOUR PASSPORT IS IN DATE. You’d be surprised how many people forget to check this when they book a trip and it’s too late by the time they realize. You do not want that stress. I also think it is so important to keep all of your travel documents organized in a folder like this one. Also put them somewhere accessible in your


Pre trip appointments are a big part of getting travel ready. ESPECIALLY for us girls. Between nails, hair, eyebrows, tan, waxing (the list goes on…)it can take some organization. So, it’s best to be as organized as possible with these to take the stress off. Start scheduling them a month before you leave and maybe space them out so it doesn’t feel like a huge expense just before the trip.


That word that I think everyone in world dreads. It’s no easy task but it has to be done. For Australia I did some research and actually found some really great tricks for being a more efficient packer. Here are a few I now swear by:

1)Invest in packing cubes. These things are a game changer especially for longer trips. They are perfect if you want to pack all your outfits separately or keep your all you tops, pants, dresses etc. together.

2) This is something new I’m trying but basically I’ve decided to make a spare makeup/toiletries bag so I don’t have to unpack and repack everything. I know not everyone has two of each product but you may have similar one. This idea is especially great for someone who travels a lot. I bought this bag recently and LOVE IT.

3)Do NOT overpack. I know this is easier said than done but what I find helps is writing out the days you will be there and what exactly you will need each day. For example, 1 day outfit, 1 night outfit etc. This really helps me visualize and makes the whole process more straight forward.


I’m a firm believer that if you want a trip to go seamlessly, you need to do your research. For example, know how you are getting to your accommodation from the airport. You don’t want to spend the first hour of your trip stressing over this. Next up,  do some research on the area – maybe write screenshot some restaurants you like the look of and some attractions you want to see.

I really hope that this post helps you get prepared for any travel you have coming up this Summer and that you enjoyed it! As I mentioned we are off to Coachella this weekend so be sure to keep up with everything over on my Instagram (@retroflame)

Chat soon,

x Erika


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