The It Colour To Invest In This Season

The It Colour To Invest In This Season

Hey everyone – I hope you are all having a great week! We are enjoying our last few days here in Australia. Although it feels like we’ve been away forever, the trip has flown by.  We’ve had such a chilled week so I had time to put together a new post for you today. I wanted to chat about a colour that is currently very on trend. The Pishachio/sage green tone we’ve been seeing a lot of. It was all over the runways in February and overnight it has become the most popular colour in all of our go-to stores. I personally love the colour and am ready to invest in an entire wardriobe full of it for Spring/Summer. So today, I’m sharing some of the items I’m looking at buying. It really is a great transition shade so hopefully you will spot something you love too.

You may remember I recently wore a suit like this one at my event in Arnotts – the fit looks great on this version. I also adore this slip dress & silky shirt. Really fab pieces that can be worn lots of different ways for Spring/Summer and even into the other seasons. For example you could wear a top or jumper over the dress and turn into a skirt. Likewise you could wear the shirt as a jacket over a tshirt. I also LOVE these shorts – very tempted by them. This little Summer dress caught my eye too!

I hope you enjoyed this little edit on the popular colour :) P.S Don’t forget to catch up on my latest VLOG.

Chat soon,

x Erika


  1. […] I love the look of this swimsuit and let’s be real you can’t go wrong with black – it looks super flattering! This striped green/white option also caught my eye. As for bikini’s, I really like this blue printed bikini. The bottom is high waisted too which is always great. This sage green top & bottoms are fab too – you’ll know how much I’m loving that colour right now from this previous post. […]

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