The Skincare Secret I Have To Share…

The Skincare Secret I Have To Share…

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all been having a great week so far. You may remember from my Instagram stories (@retroflame) that a couple of weeks ago, a skincare brand called, SkinCeuticals, invited me to an event to test out their new Custom D.O.S.E service. For those of you who don’t know. SkinCeuticals is an amazing skincare brand that I became aware of when I moved to New York. I’ve been using their products on & off for about two years now and they never fail me. So because I was already familiar with the brand and because of how much I love skincare, of course, I jumped at the opportunity to test out this new service. I learned so much on the day & because I know a lot of you are also interested in skincare I thought it would good to share my experience..

But before we get into that, let me first tell you a little bit about the event. It was like stepping into a real life laboratory which was so well thought out by the brand. There were test tubes full of orange juice and we each even got our very own lab coat! We also got to see all the different ingredients that SkinCeuticals use to make their serums and learn what each one actually does. I don’t know about you but I loved learning about this kind of stuff – I found it so so interesting.

Skinceuticals D.O.S.ESkinceuticals D.O.S.ESkinceuticals D.O.S.E

As I mentioned, the reason SkinCeuticals held the event was to showcase their brand new Custom D.O.S.E service and let us test it out. SkinCeuticals Custom D.O.S.E is a service engineered to scan and evaluate your personal skin needs. It then combines active ingredients into a tailor-made corrective serum to tackle your skin problems. The service begins with a one-on-one consultation with a skincare professional. I was lucky enough to meet with Dr Kelly Killeen from Cassileth Plastic Surgery who was amazing (and also my hair twin)! She was so knowledgeable and right away I knew I was in good hands. She completed a full assessment on my skin. This then transferred to the D.O.S.E machine which mixed up and dispensed my very own custom serum. They also added a customized label with my name on it which I thought was such a lovely touch.

My serum contains 4 ingredients which target pigmentation, firmness and aging. The customized serum lasts for 3 months and I’ve been using mine now for just over two weeks. I wanted to definitely wait a couple of weeks to share my thoughts which I’m really glad I did. I find that sometimes just one week makes a big difference. Because I included Retinol in my serum (first time user), Kelly did warn me that the serum would probably make my skin worse before it got better….and she was so so right. During the first week, my skin was definitely quite red, peeling and also felt quite tight. Luckily, I knew to expect this but I’m also very glad that this has all calmed down after the second week of using it. I’m so excited now to start seeing results! Before this serum, I had a couple of different serums that I would go between for morning and night. But it’s so great to now have just one that I know is targeting all the areas I need to focus on.

Skinceuticals D.O.S.ESkinceuticals D.O.S.ESkinceuticals D.O.S.ESkinceuticals D.O.S.ESkinceuticals D.O.S.E


I hope you enjoyed hearing about my experience with this new innovation. I’m definitely going to keep you updated on the differences I see in my skin over the next few weeks/months. If you also love serums but want to have one you know is custom to YOU, I truly recommend looking into this. To find out where you can try out the service simply visit the SkinCeuticals website. Also, definitely feel free to reach out to me over on Instagram (@retroflame) if you have any other questions about my experience.

Have a great week and chat soon,

x Erika

*Huge thank you to SkinCeuticals for kindly partnering with me on this post.


  1. that product looks so amazing! definitely want to try it out!

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