Retro’s Autumn Edit: The Trends You Need To ...

Retro’s Autumn Edit: The Trends You Need To Know About

Hey guys and happy Friday! Hope you all had a good week. Ours was a really busy one so I have to admit I’m very happy to see the weekend and hopefully catch up on a lot of sleep. But before I do that I wanted to share another Retro’s Autumn Edit. Today, it’s all about the big Autumn/Winter 18′ trends you need to know about. I’ll be the first to admit I’m definitely not the trendiest dresser. I don’t believe in wearing something that I don’t like just because it’s on trend. For example, dad sneakers! However, there some trends this season that I do love so I thought I would share them with you. These are trends I think you could definitely work into your usual style and I’ve shared the pieces that I think would be best to do so with…


Honestly, I’m not a huge animal print fan but snakeskin is one that I do love. I could definitely see myself pairing this top with leather leggings. You know I love my blazers too so this one could be a great way for me to introduce the trend into my wardrobe.


Tweed was huge on the runway in February so get ready to see it in a lot of your favorite stores. It’s definitely a trend that would fit in well with my personal style. However,  if you don’t feel but still want to try it you could use accessories. Like this baker boy hat or this scarf which also looks very cosy!


We saw a little of this trend already earlier in the year but it seems to be joining us for Autumn/Winter too. I personally love this trend but am not totally sure it fits in my style so I like to opt for the more subtle pieces. For example, these boots. I love a good hat too as you know so this one caught my eye.


I think we all have a bit of leather in our wardrobes but this season it’s time to take it up a notch. This is one of my favorites on this list I think because I love introducing leather into my outfits. I recently used a dress very like this one to style an outfit in a YT video. I also think a leather skirt is a wardrobe essential.


Another trend in my favor this year is the color brown. I love wearing brown as I think it works well with my colouring. It’s also the perfect Autumnal color so definitely don’t shy from this trend. A brown jumper like this one is currently on my wishlist. I also love the style of this dress.


If you’re a little bit of a magpie like me I’m sure you will be happy to hear about this trend. Another thing that we really saw on the runway last year was a lot of crystals, sequins & embellishment. I recently got this top and really love it. This skirt is also something I know I would get wear out of. These clips are super chic too!


Something I’m sure we’ve all noticed on Instagram recently is the amount of silk dresses/skirts being worn. These came out of nowhere but again it’s a trend I really like. I love the big cosy jumper/silk skirt o dress outfit combo – it’s definitely one I could see myself in. This black dress would be a good one to buy if you want to create that outfit too. I also love this gold option!


…And last but certainly not least. I left my favorite for last – to the knee boots! I bought my first pair of to the knee boots last year but this year they seem to be a lot bigger. I recently mentioned how these are a great option for more petite girls as they work better with jumper dresses/ longer skirts. The next pair on my wishlist are these snakeskin beauty’s and I love this brown pair too.

Hopefully you enjoyed this rundown on the trends to watch out for this season. I also hope you spotted some pieces you like as payday is just around the corner. Have a great weekend and if you have any spare time you can catch up on my latest YT videos HERE.

Chat soon,

x Erika

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