Retro’s Autumn Edit: The 4 Coat Styles You N...

Retro’s Autumn Edit: The 4 Coat Styles You Need


Hey everyone and happy Monday! Welcome back to another week and a new Retro’s Autumn Edit. Today it’s all about coats. I’ve actually already done one post on coats already this season but today I wanted to really break things down. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when building your Autumn/Winter wardrobe especially when it comes to coats. So, I’m sharing the four styles that I think you should start with. I’m also chatting about the importance of investment.  I thought this post would be the most appropriate for this particular topic as coats are definitely an investment piece in my eyes. I’ve mentioned this before but over the past few years I’ve tried my best to invest in one or two good coats. Because of that, I now have a collection that I love. More importantly it’s a collection that lasts me year after year. Now don’t get me wrong, of course I buy more affordable options as well especially when it comes to more trend focused coats. That’s why today I broke the coats into two sections, affordable & investment. I totally understand everyones budgets are different so I wanted to make sure I was covering all bases…


Since moving to New York I’ve become obsessed with faux fur coats mainly due to how warm they are. I live in mine when it gets really cold here so of course I had to include them. For an affordable option, this pink one instantly grabbed my attention. I love that color! Then I would be more inclined to invest in this Michael Kors Black option. This would 100% be something I would have forever and wear each year.




If you watched my latest video, you will already know I think a Trench coat is an Autumn wardrobe essential. There something so effortless and chic about trench, I’m so happy to have mine bought for this year. for an affordable option, this Marks & Spencer one is beautiful. The one I have is from Marks & Spencer also and the quality is amazing. As for an investment, I love this black version – again you just can’t go wrong with black ever!




Probably my personal favorite style on this list. The classic straight cut coat is a must have! They are the one style in my opinion that stood the test of time. They also look great on every shape and size. I used to be conscious of wearing longer versions because of my height but now I love them. I just got this version and I love it – I’m going to be wearing this so much and its affordable. Then for an investment option, this check one is definitely on my wishlist!




Last but not least, the aviator. This is style I get some much wear out of each year also. I love they look both chic & cool at the same time. This year I would love to invest in another one so I’ve been browsing a lot. I currently have my eye on this white one! For a more affordable option – I love this black one and that’s definitely the color I got most wear out of last year.




I would love to hear if you enjoyed this style of post and how I shared both affordable and investment options. Hopefully you spotted some coats you like and your Autumn/Winter wardrobe is coming on nicely!

Chat soon,

x Erika


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