Retro’s Autumn Edit: 30 Tops To Buy Right No...

Retro’s Autumn Edit: 30 Tops To Buy Right Now

Hey everyone and happy Monday – I hope you all had a great weekend! Today for Retro’s Autumn Edit I wanted to cover tops. Personally I have so many different events/occasions coming up and although dresses can sometimes be the obvious option, you can never go wrong with a jean/leather pants & top combo. I thought that most of you may be in similar position so I wanted to help you and share some of the nicer tops that I have seen online recently…


Lets start with the good old reliable blouse shall we? This is one of my favourite types of top to wear as I love how they look with leather leggings. I could definitely see myself in this white one and this two tone style is very eye-catching too.


During the winter months I’m a lot more likely to wear tights or trousers out rather so it’s nice to be able to show a little bit of skin through a backless top I think. I really like this white halter neck version – it would be perfect for a Christmas night out. This taupe style also looks like it would be very handy to have in your wardrobe.


A cami is another style of top I find myself wearing quite often. I also love that you can layer them as well or a polo neck or t-shirt for a more casual look. I’m loving this gold cowl neck option. The color of this one is so striking too.


Another way to feel a little bit sleeker is to opt for a one shoulder or off the shoulder top. I personally really love this style too. I adore this silk black option – that would definitely stand out at an event. I could also definitely see myself wearing this metallic style.


It wouldn’t be the season that it is without sequins. If you read last Friday’s post all about trends you will know that sequins are very in right now. So that is definitely another reason to get your fix. I really like this simple t-shirt style and I love this navy bat wing option.


…& last but not least, velvet! Another trend that is well and truly back this year which I am very happy about. I have my eye on this black wrap version at the moment – you definitely can’t go wrong with black velvet in my opinion. I also love the color of this velvet cami.

Hopefully you spotted some tops you like. In my opinion you can never have enough good tops in your wardrobe because we can wear them day or night all year round.

Chat soon,

x Erika


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