The question I get every single time I’m hom...

The question I get every single time I’m home….

River Island White Shorts - Retro Flame

River Island White Shorts // River Island Pinstripe Blazer // Celine Sunglasses // Dior Shoes


Hi everyone! Hope you’ve been having a great week. I wore this look last week and I’m finally getting a chance this evening to sit down and share the photos. I think this has definitely been one of my favourite outfits I’ve worn on this trip home (it’s so me!) and I have a feeling a lot of you would love some of these pieces in your wardrobe too. First up – the white shorts. I can’t tell you how much I love these. Finding a good pair of white shorts that aren’t too tight/short and NOT see through is actually a lot harder that you’d think…but I eventually got there. Literally couldn’t recommend these more – I felt a million dollars in them. To keep it simple, I paired them with a plain white top and a new River Island pinstripe blazer (I have a blazer addiction.) which has the nicest back detail. Get ready to see me in different variations of this outfit over & over again for the next few weeks.

River Island White Shorts - Retro Flame

River Island White Shorts

I can’t believe I’ve been home in Kerry 2 weeks already. Hands down the quickest a trip home has ever gone for me. It turned out to be a lot busier than I had expected but I think this last week here should be a little less go-go-go so I’m excited for that. I just want to be able to stop the clock and spend as much time as possible with friends and family. There really is nothing more important. Incase you missed it, I posted my first Vlog from this trip yesterday – so be sure to catch up HERE if you haven’t already :) I love love Vlogging when I’m home! I just think it’s so amazing that I’ll be able to watch back all these memories in years to come.

River Island White Shorts - Retro Flame

River Island Blazer

Every time I’m home, I, of course, get the question “So are you going to move home?” and for some reason I’m getting it even more on this trip. Literally everyone I meet. They all must think I’m getting old or something, haha! This time 4 years ago, I was getting ready to move to New York in two weeks time. August 28th. I still remember exactly how I felt. Petrified but unbelievably excited for what was to come. I really had no idea how amazing the whole experience was about to be. Tommy & I had broken up a few months before (because we both knew I was moving away for the foreseeable future) so I was off on my own and even now looking back, I sometimes can’t believe I actually did it. I’m so so glad I didn’t let fear get in the way. I soon met Lorna & Ciara (two of my best friends in NYC), settled into a new apartment, found a job, worked on Retro Flame on the side, went out way too much (haha!) and began a whole new chapter of my life. I went on a 1-year visa….& 4 years later, off I got next week to start my 5th year.

So I guess to answer everyone’s question, I really don’t think anyone who moves to/lives in New York truly know themselves how long they’ll be there for. It somehow has this way of stealing your heart. Of course, I love Ireland & Kerry and of course, I love coming home (I take every chance) but right now, I’m definitely still not finished with New York (Sorry Mom!!). Living there has changed me in a way I’ll forever be thankful for. It has toughened me up, taught me to appreciate the tiniest of things, introduced me to people that have changed my life, allowed me to build a business from scratch and I just know in my heart, I’m not finished there yet. So for now, I guess I don’t have an answer for anyone who asks. As long as I’m happy, I’ll stay there…but also know that home is never too far away. Maybe I can convince my Mom to come join the Retro Flame team!?  :)

River Island White Shorts - Retro Flame

As I said, I have another full week left here now and I’m going to cherish every minute. It’s been so nice to be at home in Kerry for the last few days and I’m currently working on another new video for you so keep an eye out for that.
Talk soon!
Erika x

*Thank you to River Island for sponsoring this post.



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