Have you made the most of 2018 so far?

Have you made the most of 2018 so far?


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Happy Monday everyone! I know for a lot of fellow US-dwellers, today is ‘back to work’ day after the 4th of July week celebrations, so I hope you’re all enjoying the extra strong coffees this morning too. Haha! I was away in The Hamptons  this weekend (I’m getting hooked) and got back to the city late yesterday evening, so catch up is in full swing this morning. When I looked at today’s date earlier this morning, it reminded me of this post I’ve been meaning to do.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that each year, I do a post called ‘My Dream 2018‘ – basically a post where I write down at the beginning of a year what my ‘dream year’ would look like. I’ve done it the past 3 years now and truly believe it makes such a difference to the way I approach things. Now today, it’s time for a mid year check-in. I know lots of you now also take the same approach after reading my posts, so it’s definitely time we all take a step back and see what’s been going on. Have we made the most of this first half of 2018?

I’ll go first and then it’s your turn to take 10 minutes to do the same.


Firstly, I won’t lie, I’ve been slow to do this this year. I can’t come to terms with the fact that it’s July. It was JUST January. I read back my Dream 2018 post this morning and being very honest, I don’t know how to feel. I feel a bit weird. Yes, I’ve gotten a lot done and it’s such a great feeling to tick those things off the list but wow, there’s still waaaaay more to do. The big things, the important ones. And before you say/think it, I know we’re all a bit too hard on ourselves, but deep inside, we also all know what we’re capable of. And sometimes, when you can clearly see that you’re the only person standing in your own way, it hits home. Hard.

However, this post definitely isn’t going to be a negative one because quite frankly, that isn’t going to help anything….but it is going to be a wake up call. Both for myself and for those of you who need it too.

It’s July 9th 2018, there’s just under 6 months left in this year and it’s time to step it up. It’s time to make the very most of the precious time we’re insanely lucky enough to have ahead.


Just incase you’re not familiar with how I do my post, I focus my yearly goals/dreams into 4 categories – Career, Travel, Relationships & Wellbeing. I’m not going to go into detail about my personal goal progress, I think that’s something we just all have to do for ourselves but after sitting down and assessing the first part of the year, I will share a few things it has taught me so far….


1. If you find yourself stuck in a rut at any stage, there’s a reason you’re there and you have to address is. It’s not going to fix itself. It’s just going to get worse. TAKE ACTION.

2. You become like the 5 people you spend most time with. Choose very very carefully and honestly, be ruthless in this decision.

3. Recognize what puts the fire in your belly and do more & more of THAT. Stop doing things that aren’t making you happy or you’ll be sitting in the exact same position in another 6 months time.

4. Nothing worth having comes easy. Repeat this to yourself over & over again and understand it. If you want something, work for it. The things that scare the sh*t out of you are the ones that’ll be most worthwhile.

5. Forget the excuses, cut out the distractions (one of the hardest things to do but most necessary) and FOCUS. 1 small step every day is a million times better than no steps at all. You’ll get there – you just have to believe in yourself first.


Every year teaches us new things and this one has been a big eye opener for me for some reason. I guess as you get older, you begin to notice things that you never even saw before. Some can be scary, but some can also be very exciting. The main thing you have to do is NOT get comfortable. That’s the key.

So I guess I really just wanted this to be a quick, to-the-point post to remind you that yes, there’s 6 months of the year already gone, but this also means that there is STILL 6 months left. For me personally, I see a lot of changes coming in the next part of the year. This can be a scary feeling, but without change, there’s no progress.

After you finish reading this post & go look at the goals/dreams you’ve written down, take another 10 minutes to then break things down. What’s left to do and how are you going to do it? That’s really it. This is the vital time of the year to step back & refocus and I hope this post has motivated you to do so. Now go make the second half of this year the best half!

Have a great week everyone and be sure to come on over to my instagram (@retroflame) and let me know what your year has been like so far?

Erika x


  1. Sheila

    9 July

    I literally just revisited my goals two days ago. It’s so nice to cross them off and re-evaluate!

    x Sheila

  2. Kelly

    9 July

    Absolutely love this post! I totally am in “Holy crap how is it July???” mode and am realizing that I need to buckle down a bit as well. It’s like I keep thinking “Oh, I’ve got time to do that…” when really? The year is half gone.

    Thanks for the friendly reminder to check back in on those 2018 goals and keep on track!

    xoxo – Kelly

  3. It’s mad to think half the year is gone! It’s been great so far, and there’s a lot more to be done. Stay focused, practice self care, and go after the life that you want! 😁

  4. Missy

    16 July

    Great post, Erika!x

  5. I actually thought about doing a half way thorugh the year – post on my blog but when I realized that I hadn’t reached any of the goals for real and others only so so I kind of found it pointless. Eventhough it’s not actually. It’s probably a good reminder. I just felt a little de-motivated about it. I guess I just have to give it that bit extra for the next 6 months, as you said. Thanks for the reminder x

  6. Jenn

    7 September

    2018 is almost over and I think I waited too long to start making the most of it. I have only recently started doing the things I love. However, better to start late than never right? I am excited for the rest of 2018 and how it is going to go because I have made so many changes that have helped me grow a lot more than I ever have.

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