Summer In New York: 3 Places You Need To Visit

Summer In New York: 3 Places You Need To Visit


Summer in New York is a special time! This is my 6th one here and I honestly can’t believe it. Although I can have a love-hate relationship with it (the heat doesn’t really suit my freckly pale skin haha!), I still think it’s by the far the funnest time here! So for today’s post, I wanted to share some of my favourites places to visit during Summer in New York. Whether you’re visiting or even living here you can get a little overwhelmed with the amount their is to do so I’ve broken it down into areas and my favorite activities in each one. I hope you find it helpful..

Facetune_08-06-2018-18-10-25River Island Jeans (EU link / US Link) // River Island Blazer  (EU link / US Link)

..But before we get into that I wanted to quickly share this new outfit with you. It’s new in from River Island and I don’t think it could be any more me if it tried haha! After I ordered this blazer, someone even tweeted me a picture of it in store saying that they thought it was a ‘Retroflame Jacket’ haha! Honestly though, the quality of the blazer is amazing and this color was a great addition to my collection. I just love the gold detailing too! I’ve also been living in these jeans since they arrived. It can be hard to find a good pair of white Jeans for Summer but this fit is great and they are not see-through which is always a bonus!

Facetune_08-06-2018-18-09-57Now back to the recommendations..

1. Central Park:

One of my favorite things about living in the UES is how close we are to the park. The options of things you can do there are endless and it’s the perfect place to pass a Summer’s Day in New York. Here are a ew of my favorite activities..

– Rent a bike and cycle through the park.
– Go for lunch in the boathouse and/or take one of the boats out.
– Have a picnic or just relax in Sheeps Meadow.

2. Brooklyn:

You can be lazy about making the trip to Brooklyn when you live in Manhattan but it is always SO worth it! Some of my favorite things to do there are..

– Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and take in the beautiful views of Manhattan.
– Relax in Dumbo and check out the vintage market. (only on Sundays)
– Make your way to Smoragsburg for all of the most amazing food and more views!

3. Meatpacking:

This is an area I do not spend enough time in but every time I do I enjoy myself so much, especially during Summer! Things I would highly recommend doing there are..

– Walk across the High Line.
– Grab a drink at The Standard Hotel Rooftop (SO good!)
– Go to Chelsea Market & try some of the amazing food!


As I mentioned, whether you are visiting or living here I hope you get a chance to try one of those recommendations. All three places are perfect for a fun Summer’s Day in New York! I also having another post listing the ‘Best Things To Do In New York In The Summer’ if you want to check that out too!

Chat soon,
x Erika

*A huge thank you to River Island for partnering with me on this post!


  1. Sheila

    10 June

    I spent a good part of my summer last year in NYC and reading this makes me miss the city so much! It’s one of the best cities to spend the summer for sure, so much to do! I love Central Park & DUMBO.

    xx Shiela

  2. Greta

    19 June

    Totally agree about summer in the city! The weather is way too hot, but it’s such a fun time of year here. The Meatpacking district is the best in the summer! I also love the blue of that blazer with the gold buttons! Thanks for posting this!

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