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Lands’ End Bikini (Top & Bottom) // Beach Towel // Beach Bag

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m back to you today with another beach post (did you catch yesterday’s round up of our St.Lucia trip?). Today’s photos are coming to you from beautiful Miami. We got the opportunity to go to Miami for work last week (which was so cool!) and on our last morning, we squeezed in some beach time & I wore this new Black & White Bikini from Lands’ End. I’ve been living in bikinis over the past few weeks and have really come to notice how important the quality/shape is – it’s honestly a game-changer in how a bikini makes you feel. If a bikini fits right & feels good on you….it immediately makes you feel more confident. We all know how daunting it can be getting into a swimsuit for the first time each year, so you have to make sure it’s one that makes you feel like a million dollars. I love love the fit & style of this one I’m wearing here. If you’re looking for a new site to stock up on some Summer pieces, definitely check out Lands’ End!

…& good news, they’re having a 50% OFF SALE today to celebrate it being #NationalSwimsuitDay. There is 50% off all Swimwear for Women, Men & kids + Swim Tees, Totes & Beach Towels. So good! The offer will be valid with promotional code “SWIM” and Pin: 2018 when ordering. Feel free to have a look HERE.


I also picked up this beach tote & beach towel….which I’m in love with!! I actually didn’t have a proper beach bag with me in St.Lucia and really missed having one. So I loved having this one in Miami – it fits SO much and looks so simple & chic. And of course, I always love a good stripe towel too!

If you check out the site and have questions about anything today, the Lands’ End team will be sharing swimsuit tips and fit advice on their social channels, along with a six-hour #NationalSwimsuitDay Twitter event (1pm – 7pm), to lend a hand to help everyone discover great fitting and flattering swimwear at amazing values. As well as a chance to win $100 gift cards to purchase a swimsuit from Land’s End :) Definitely check it out!


We had a such a ball in Miami – I seriously need to go there more often seeing as it’s so close to New York – but I have to say, it’s so nice being back in front of my computer again. Is that weird? Haha! I won’t lie, before we went to St.Lucia (& then straight to Miami), I was in a little bit of a rut. I was tired of what I was creating & I was feeling uninspired. I felt a bit bored – not from a lack of things to be doing – but just with myself and what I was putting out there. It happens. But after 2 weeks away from the ‘norm’, I now can’t pull myself away from my computer/camera. I have so many new ideas!

I read a book while I was away all about how we should manage our days and the things that are slowing us down (I’m going to do a separate post on it because it was SO good) and one of the things it said over & over again is that as humans, without breaks, WE are going to break down. I actually can’t wait to tell you more about it – it has changed the way I look at everything work-related.

Since I started Retro Flame SIX years ago, any day I wasn’t working, I felt guilty. Like insane guilt. Even the first few days of the St.Lucia trip, I couldn’t sit still. But as the trip went on, I started to chill out (maybe thanks to the unlimited cocktails haha!) and straight away noticed a difference in my mind. After a day at the pool reading a book or just listening to music, an idea for a video series would come to me out of the blue. I could be sitting back at my desk in New York for 3 days straight and still not be able to think of one. But just stepping away from the norm and letting my mind think about other things (or nothing at all really) is all I needed to do.


I know not many of us can just jump on a plane to the Maldives in the morning and take this ‘break’ I’m on about….but you don’t have to. A break could just simply mean going on a road trip without your phone for a day, booking a staycation in a different neighborhood in the city you live in, or just going for a walk BY YOURSELF. Start small. We live in a world where we’ve forgotten how to properly take time off (scrolling on your phone on the couch does NOT count) so we have to go back to basics.

I’ve even started to implement some new things into my daily routine since I came back to New York (I’m telling you, the book has changed me!!) and already see such a difference. I’m going to finish the book tonight and I’ll get a summary post live for you later in the week because I know so many of you can gain from it too.

…& in the meantime, switch off that phone of yours for an hour this evening and give yourself a mini break. I promise you’ll thank me for it.

See you for a new post again tomorrow!
Erika x

*Thank you to Land’s End for partnering on this.


  1. wiggins hair

    5 September

    Dear. thank you for your advice, I would have a try.

  2. Siobhan Ni Mhochain

    19 November

    Hi Erika,

    Just a quick question, ‘I read a book while I was away all about how we should manage our days and the things that are slowing us down (I’m going to do a separate post on it because it was SO good)’ what book was this?

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