My New Favorite Hidden Gem In New York

My New Favorite Hidden Gem In New York

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Hi everyone, happy Thursday! Yesterday, the lovely team at L’Occitane kindly invited me in to experience a facial at their new Beauty Lounge in the flagship store here in NYC….& WOW, I can’t wait to tell you all about it! It’s the first L’Occitane beauty lounge to open in the US so I was more than delighted to go in and check it out. As you all know, I love my skincare and I’m always on the search for ways to keep improving my routine, so I was really interested to experience a new type of facial & see if it worked for my skin. 

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But before we get into the details about the facial, let’s chat about the beauty lounge itself. The best sentence to describe it would probably be a hidden-gem, oasis in the middle of all the madness. The store is located in Flatiron, in the heart of the city, but once you walk inside the door, you almost forget you’re even in Manhattan! It’s utter zen. It smells incredible, the white & yellow color scheme instantly lifts your mood and the whole space looks like something straight off a Pinterest board. At the back of the store is where the new beauty lounge is and this is where the real treat starts.

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There’s a few different facial options to choose from but I decided to opt for the ‘Classic Facial’. This particular facial focuses mostly on gentle exfoliation, enhancing circulation and hydrating the skin. As you might know, we fly out to LA tomorrow for Coachella and flying always affects my skin so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for this treatment. This treatment was 60 minutes long and retails at $104….& I honestly cannot recommend it enough. If you’re looking for a relaxing facial where you leave glowing, you NEED to try this! As well as the facial, it also includes the most amazing face, neck & shoulder massage and I mean, who doesn’t want that!?

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If you wanted to do something a little shorter than this, on your lunch for instance, they also do an ‘Express’ option which is 30 minutes long and retails at $59. Or, on the other hand, if you want something a little longer there is the ‘Signature Divine Facial’ which is 90 minutes long and retails at $159.

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For each facial, they tailor the products to your skin type and at the end they talk you through exactly what was used, so it’s a fantastic way to find out about new products that work for your skin. I love love learning about skincare so I was in my element!

Blog 3 copyBlog 4 copyDefinitely have a look into this if you’re looking to treat yourself soon…I promise you’ll thank me after. Also, if you are looking to test out any L’Occitane products you can find your nearest store HERE!

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Have a great weekend guys & don’t forget to keep up on Instagram (@retroflame) to see all the Coachella fun!

x Erika


  1. Lovely Post and great pictures!

    Can you share how you edit your photos?x

  2. Kirsty

    15 April

    This was an all round beautiful article. I’m really impressed at both the photography and the way you have expressed yourself through your blog!

    Will definitely be following for more articles like this.

    Kirsty x

  3. I’ll keep this in mind when I visit New York. Looks fun!

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