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River Island Hat // River Island Coat
River Island Jumper // River Island Jeans

Hi everyone, happy Thursday! It’s been a little while since I’ve been on here doing a chatty post. We’ve been busy with lots of shopping posts (Spring occasion wear, best casual tops) & also some new NYC guides (TOP things to do in New York & where to go in Central Park). But I wanted to share this look with you today that I wore recently as SO many of you sent me messages about this cream coat. It’s amazing, isn’t it? I’ve literally already worn it about 10 times since it arrived. I am 110% that person that can’t stop wearing something new once I get it. For this look, I paired it with a comfy knit, my usual black Molly Jeans and my favourite Baker Boy hat. Such an easy look – I loved wearing this to the park on Sunday!

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I feel like I say this every time I’m writing here, but honestly, WHERE is the time going? Kaelin & I leave for a 10-day trip next Thursday and when we were organizing it at the beginning of the year, it felt like it was so far away. But now it’s almost here!! I loved having the past two months here in New York but I’m definitely now ready for a trip. We have an exciting first stop (any guesses?), will be in Kerry for 2 days and then I just announced over on my Insta stories today that I’ll be doing an event in Donegal on March 8th… and I couldn’t be more excited! You might remember from my ‘Dream 2018’ post that Donegal was on my bucketlist for this year (I’ve never been) so I’m thrilled to be ticking it off the list. My parents AND Vogue will also be coming along and I just can’t wait to meet lots of you too. I’ll be doing a big business talk on the day and will be around after to chat with those of you who come along. We’ve also decided to stay on for an extra two days to do some exploring around Donegal. So be sure to send me on ALL your recommendations :)

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In other news, you may have seen from my recent vlog that I was feeling a little ‘off’ recently and I honestly can’t tell you how much of a good impact taking a weekend to myself had on me. I’ll be the very first to admit that I’m constantly trying to keep going, constantly trying to get better. No matter how good I’m doing, I know I can do better. It’s just the way I’ve always been and to be honest, I don’t think I’d rather be any other way. But from time to time, I burn out. ALL OF A SUDDEN, it hits me like a tonne of bricks. So last weekend I tried out lots of different wellness practices to see if they would get me back on track. And wow, they did just that. If you want to see exactly what I did, be sure to catch up on the video HERE. I also couldn’t believe the response the video got.

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I’ve literally been getting messages all week from those of you who related so much to the video – saying that you’re also going through a little phase like this at the moment and that you were so happy you weren’t the only one. I promised at the beginning of this year that I’d be crazy honest with you all in 2018. We’ll celebrate the good times together but I’ll also be 100% true to myself and to you when I’m having an off week. Because even if my tips & advice help just one of you to get back on track too, well isn’t that what it’s all about. I read a post by Lauren from The Skinny Confidential today which really struck a chord with me. In fact, I can’t stop thinking about it. I highly recommend you giving it a read. I won’t say too much but her point at the end was that as bloggers, if we don’t share a little depth with you guys, our community, then what’s it all for? Fashion week, fancy outfits & perfect posed photos are all well and good, but if we don’t share our story (both the good AND the bad) than how are we creating an impact? Things aren’t perfect all of the time and that’s life but let’s use that in a positive way. As someone with a platform which lots of you visit on a regular basis, I want to make sure I’m always helping you. Always letting you know that we’re in this together.

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I’m full of energy again this week and so excited about what’s to come so I promise, if you’re feeling a little off, try out some of the things I suggest in the video and you’ll be back on track before you know it too.

….& finally, here are some photos that Tommy took when I wasn’t looking. Haha! Look at that leopard outfit – only in the Upper East Side :)

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Have a great rest of week everyone!
Erika x

*Thank you to River Island for partnering on this post. I love working together :)


  1. Jandrew

    22 February

    I love ❤️ classic coats like this one . You look fabulous ! Sometimes over planning restricts our ability to enjoy ! My new mantra – live in the moment- be mindful and you’ll put away most anxiety!
    Dress The Part

  2. Bukola Veronica

    22 February

    I am absolutely loving this coat! It suits you so well! xx

    Bukola Veronica,

  3. Deven

    22 February

    Erika, you are such a sweetheart I can just feel the love and passion behind these words. Because you show the perfect and the imperfect is why I continue to follow you so never change! It’s refreshing to see you’ve discovered new comforts and rituals that help you to shut off and subtly naturally feel more yourself. On that note I am taking a page from your book and drawing a bath think: lavender bubbles and loads of Epsom :-) ✨❤️Dev

  4. Shloka

    23 February

    Sometimes I find myself over planning completely, like down to every last detail but you sometimes loose sight of the moment and that’s important too, to live in the moment! You are so real I love it and i love your cream coat!


  5. Arlene

    23 February

    Erika, one thing we can all always say about you is how honest you are with us. Whether it’s a fleeting mention in 1 snap about not feeling great or a chat about it, you show it but don’t dwell on it. Really enjoyed this post and loved the video you’ve done on it. Have a great weekend 😉
    Oh, and the coat is fab 💜

  6. Charlie

    24 February

    You are such an amazing person! I love reading your chatty posts as they really let me feel like I can get to know you! I can’t wait to continue to follow the adventure going forward!

  7. Loved this post and your video about rebooting – just had an all-about-me weekend and it’s nice in a way to hear (even though everyone prob. know) that you’re not the only one having slumps. And absolutely love that coat – just fab! <3

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