8 Questions Everyone Needs To Ask Themselves

8 Questions Everyone Needs To Ask Themselves

8 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

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A lot of the time, in order to grow and move forward, you need to look back. Most of us lead very busy lifestyles and the minute we get some free time all we want to do is relax and catch up on our favourite Netflix series, me included. However, I have really learned that reflection is such a key part of growth in all areas of life. It helps you to focus and set goals and realize things you may be unintentionally ignoring. So, for today’s post I’m asking you 8 questions. These are questions that I sat down and answered myself at the beginning of the year and although some were a little hard, I feel like it set me up really well to accomplish as much as possible in the months ahead. I hope you benefit from them also…

1. Has everything you have done in the last six months been in line with your long term goals?

This is something I am constantly asking myself. You may not realize it but every little thing you do leads to the person you will become. Keep that in mind when doing certain jobs or making decisions. It may be hard but sometimes you are better off to say NO to any opportunities that are not in line with how you want your future to look. Take time to realize your goals and then constantly work towards them.

2. What has been your biggest stress in the last year?

Stress is something that is very hard to avoid. It is something we all struggle with from time to time and quite honestly, it’s definitely something that is more harmful to us than we even realise. So this year I looked back and tried to cut out anything that stressed me out more than it needed to. Life is too short!

3. Do you wake up excited to go to your job most days?

Obviously, we all have mornings that we would just like to stay in bed and not do anything but overall, are you happy to go into your job? Or, do you dread it everyday? If you answered yes to the latter of those questions, something has got to change and there is no time like the present. Take a chance – your happiness is more important than anything.

4. Do you put enough effort into your relationships?

This is definitely more of a personal question but in order for you to strive in your career and in life in general, I think it’s important to have a happy personal life. It is so easy to let being busy get in the way of spending time with the people you love but 2017 taught me that you have to put effort into your relationships with the people you care about. A good support system is extremely important!

8 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

5. What are you most proud of?

Really think about what has made you most proud in the last year or so and remember how it made you feel. You may not notice but this in turn will motivate you to get that feeling again. These little reflections are much more helpful & beneficial to your work ethic than you may think.

6. Are you being true to yourself?

No matter what you are doing in life, I honestly think in order to succeed you have to be 110% true to yourself. If you are scared to be your authentic self or think it is easier not to be, you are wrong. If you are trying to do something in a non-authentic way, it will more than likely fail. Always always be yourself!

7. Who, out of all the people you spend time with, motivates you the most?

They say, ‘you are only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with’ and honestly, I couldn’t agree more. You need to recognize the people who bring out the best version of you and who motivate you to take risks and work harder. Sometimes these people are not even trying to do that but their energy just rubs off on you. These are the kind of people that will positively influence your life and the ones you need to appreciate most.

8. Can you do more?

..And lastly, can you do more? You can ask this question in any context, whether it be for work, fitness or a personal matter. For me, I relate it to charity work because this year I want to make more of an effort to give back. After building a following, I now want to use it in the best way I possibly can for the right reasons.

I hope this helps you with a little bit of reflection and allows you to set some goals and plan ahead for the coming months.

Talk soon,

x Erika


  1. Shloka

    9 February

    These are all questions we should be asking ourselves for sure! Thanks for this babe! Really makes me look at reality!


  2. That puffer is such a pretty colour! I’ve been trying to self-reflect more frequently this year, not just when something big or bad happens. You’re right that it is very important.

  3. Em

    9 February

    this is so important — the eight question especially. Sometimes it’s way too easy to get absorbed in your own person without thinking about the world outside (of course it is important to focus on yourself as well!)

    twenty ventures

  4. Cool things

    17 April

    You write very well,I am amazed with your blogging, you will definitely achieve success..!! Keep it up

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