72 Hours In New York City – The Must Do̵...

72 Hours In New York City – The Must Do’s

Best things to do in NYC - New York Recommendations

Hey guys, I hope you are all having a nice week and enjoyed Valentine’s Day! As you may know from my Instagram (@retroflame), last weekend both of my parents were here in New York. My mom had been here for a couple of week’s previous and my dad came to join her for the last four days and we had such a great weekend! Kaelin & I planned out the weekend in advance and brought them to some of our very favourite spots especially focusing on places to eat as our parents (like us!) love a good restaurant! So for today’s post, I thought it might be helpful if I talked about some of my favourite places to go in New York if you have people visiting for a weekend or even if you are visiting yourself. I have a full post already on The Best Things To Do In NYC but It can be hard to fit everything in as there is SO much to see and do here. So this time, I’ve narrowed it down to my ultimate top three must do/see’s if you only have a weekend like we did – I really hope you find it helpful!


– Sant Ambreous

VIBE: Gossip Girl written all over it!

PRICE: $20-30 per person

LOCATION: The UES, Soho & The West Village.

WHY I LOVE: Great service & good coffee – my new favourite spot!

– Maison Kayser

VIBE: Parisian Chic

PRICE: $15-20 per person

LOCATION: All over the city

WHY I LOVE: The pastries!!

– Blue Stone Lane

VIBE: Cool Australian Cafe

PRICE: $15-20 per person

LOCATION: Upper East Side & West Village!

WHY I LOVE: Lots of healthy choices and good coffee!

Learning the hard way - EXPRESS - Trench Coat


– Balthazar

VIBE: French & Classy

PRICE: $30-50 per person


WHY I LOVE: The vibe, the people watching & the wine!

– The Plaza

VIBE: Home Alone, treat your self, 12 dollar hot chocolate but you deserve it vibes lol!

PRICE: $25-40 per person

LOCATION: 59th & 5th

WHY I LOVE: The whole experience – definitely my favourite hotel in New York!

– Fig & Olive

VIBE: Casual chic Mediterranean

PRICE: $40-50 per person

LOCATION: Uptown, Fifth Avenue & Meatpacking

WHY I LOVE: Great service, great food & the whole experience is just divine! (So good for dinner too)

Lessons Learned in NYC


(Had to include 4, sorry!)

– Campagnolia

VIBE: Old school Soprano’s.

PRICE: $40-60 per person

LOCATION: Upper East Side

WHY I LOVE: Good food, the piano paying & the great atmosphere!

– ABC Kitchen

VIBE: New York Chic

PRICE: $40-60 per person (reservation needed 3 weeks in advance!)



– Cecconni’s

VIBE: A modern take on a classic Italian restaurant!

PRICE: $40-60 per person

LOCATION: Dumbo, Brooklyn

WHY I LOVE: The setting, the food, the view – a must!

– Tavern On The Green

VIBE: Romantic & Elegant!

PRICE: $40-50 per person

LOCATION: West Central Park

WHY I LOVE: Really good food and the fairy lit courtyard is stunning in the Summer!

August Instagram Outfits


– The Standard Hotel Rooftop

VIBE: Very cool!

PRICE: $15-25 per drink (it’s a treat!)

LOCATION: Meatpacking District

WHY I LOVE: The View!!

– The Rose Bar

VIBE: Chic & Cosy

PRICE: $15-20 per drink

LOCATION: Gramercy

WHY I LOVE: The good cocktails and the people watching!

– Banc Cafe

VIBE: Perfect mix of New York & Irish Bar!

PRICE: $8-15 per drink (half price bottles of Wine on Sundays!)

LOCATION: 30th & 3rd

WHY I LOVE: Such a reliable a nice drink as well as great food. Always where I bring visitors!

Samsung Event in New York


– Brooklyn Bridge/ Dumbo

WHY I LOVE IT: My number one favourite touristy thing to do in New York! Here is a video I made last year all about the experience.

PRICE: Free!

– Top Of The Rock

WHY I LOVE IT: The only tourist-y thing I will pay to do over and over again. In my opinion is has the best view of the city and the queue never takes too long.

PRICE: $34 per adult / $28 per child

– Central Park

WHY I LOVE IT: My favourite thing about living in the Upper East Side is definitely being close to the Park.

PRICE: Free!

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– Upper East Side/Fifth Avenue

VIBE: Window shopping heaven with lots of great options like Barney’s & Sak’s if you want to treat yourself!

WHY I LOVE: It’s exactly what you expect when you think of shopping in New York City!

– Soho

VIBE: High Street options in the coolest location in New York

WHY I LOVE: Everyone in Soho is dressed cooler than the next person and the shops are all together on the same street which make’s it convenient spot!

– Westfield Shopping Center

VIBE: Where architecture and shopping meet!

WHY I LOVE: A very cool spot and one of the only good shopping centers in the city – great for a day that raining or cold!

Soho, New York

I hope you enjoy some of these recommendations if you do get the chance!

Chat soon,

x Erika



  1. Frances

    16 February

    Absolutely loving your New York Guide content Erica ! I am taking serious notes, going to plan an incredible trip for when i’m there in September. Thanks so much for sharing! x

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion & Lifestyle

  2. Amanda

    19 February

    Loving your New York City Guide. I visit the city regularly and love checking out new restaurants, so thanks so much for sharing! x

  3. Orla

    23 February

    Thanks so much for the recommendations, I’m going to New York next Friday the 2nd of March and I booked Campagnolia for Saturday night so excited! X

  4. Greta

    25 July

    Such a good list! Thanks so much!

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