5 Ways To Lead A More Positive Life

5 Ways To Lead A Positive Life

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One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received is ‘Focus On You’. Focus on being the best you that you can be. Focus on setting yourself goals and reaching them. Focus on learning & improving yourself every day. In a world where there is so much negativity, especially in recent times, this has always stuck with me. Most of the time negativity will chime from an interaction you may have with another person. So, today I want to go through some 5 ways that focusing on you can help you lead a more positive life..

1. Stop Gossiping

Let’s face it, we all love a gossip. It’s in our nature & it can be very innocent & harmless. However, it is a huge time-waster and often leaves us comparing ourselves to other people or judging them which is even worse. You may not even notice it but try to refrain from talking about someone else for 1 week and focus on your own life. You will really see the positive effect it has on you.

5 Ways To Lead A Positive Life2. Unfollow

If you are currently following someone on any form of social media that you don’t like or someone who just bothers you, I urge you to press that unfollow button. I think this is pretty self explanatory but seeing something that annoys you on a daily basis is, of course, going to cause negativity in your life. So cut it out.

3. Be Grateful

This is something I have personally really been focusing on lately. Whenever I feel down or a little defeated I make a list of all the good things in my life that I have to be grateful for i.e my health, a warm bed to sleep in, food on the table etc. It is such a simple thing but the effect it has on your mood is very powerful.

5 Ways To Lead A Positive Life4. Set Goals

This is an important one! In life and as a person I think there is always ways to improve and setting personal goals is a great way to focus on you. Even if they are only very small things like eating healthier or getting up 10 minutes earlier in the morning, they are a great way to enhance positivity and keep you motivated.

5. Don’t Forget To Recharge

..& lastly, something I have really learned over the last year is that you have to take time to switch off every week, even if just for a few hours. Sunday is my chosen day to take a break & completely relax and I must say I start work on Monday morning a better version of me because of it. I know with the busy lifestyles most people have nowadays, this can be hard but try to include some ‘me time’ in your routine this week if you can and I know you will feel better.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it made you realize the importance of positivity and focusing on you. If you did enjoy this, I often post positive quotes over on my Instagram stories so be sure to follow along there too (@retroflame). I will leave one of my very favorite ones below!

Enjoy the rest of your week,

x Erika

5 Ways To Lead A More Positive Life



  1. patricia

    25 January

    Such a great positive inspired post!! You look great in this style and that coat really look so cute and shine appearance. I’m just in love with your style, which is so beautiful. 🙂

  2. Ros

    25 January

    Well done with that positivity, Erika – we need lots more there days!

  3. Ros

    25 January

    Well done with that positivity, Erika – we need lots more these days!

  4. Jazimin

    30 January

    Wow I can’t tell you how much I needed that! Thanks so much girllllllll ❤️

  5. Jenni / byJenni

    4 February

    Great post! Even though we already know some of the things it’s really good to be reminded every now and then.

  6. Ann-Kathrin

    4 February

    Thanks for this inspiring words. I have to make some changes in my life. I have to cut out people, who I think aren´t really good for me. I try to focus on the good things but it is really difficult with these people in my life. Additionally I started with astrology, because dealing with the stars and thinking about how everything is connected to eacht other helps me to ease. I love reading my horoscope onhttp://www.astrosofa.com/horoscopes/daily/a> and can relax really good doing this. I hope I will find more beautiful things, that enrich my life.


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