30 Pieces To Add To Your Work Wear Wardrobe

30 Pieces To Add To Your Work Wear Wardrobe

work wearJanuary is just about nearly over and with all of the Christmas spending behind us and a new pay check on the way you may want to update your work wear wardrobe. Seeing as most of us spend about 70% of our time at work it’s important to feel confident & happy and in what you are wearing each day. I don’t know about you but I always feel so much better and therefore have a better day when I like my outfit. However, I do understand that a lot of people would rather invest in pieces to wear outside of work. That is why I have linked lots options today that you can wear for both occasions..

I loved wearing cigarette pants when I used to work in an office. There is so just something so effortless and chic about them. I really like this check pair from River Island. Another item I lived in during the colder months was polo necks. They are another item that always make you look ‘put together’ and they are cosy too which is a bonus. This black one from Boohoo is great value. A trend I have been loving over the last year actually is wearing a dress over a polo neck. I think that is the perfect work outfit in my opinion and it may be done with dresses you already have in your closet. This dress from ASOS would be perfect for that look. Simply top it with a blazer the like this one from Misguided and you are good to go. Not forgetting about shoes, I think these heels would be a great pair to have in your work wardrobe!

I hope this post will help you to add a few new items to your work wear wardrobe or even get a few outfit ideas!

Chat soon,

Erika x

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