25 Dresses To Buy Online This Month

25 Dresses

In January, I always like to take a proper look at my wardrobe, de-clutter it and decide what I need to invest in for the year ahead. I think about what I wore a lot during the previous year and what I would like to either change or keep the same about my style for the year to come. After doing this last week I realized that during 2017, I found myself reaching for dresses a lot more. Looking back I really enjoyed styling different kinds of dresses and adapting them to my personal style. So, this year I decided I definitely want to invest in few more options. Over the weekend I did a little bit of online shopping and came across some great options so I thought I would share them with you too. Whether you need one for day wear, a night out or a special occasion, I’ve linked a variety below. I love the feeling of knowing you have a nice dress in your wardrobe for when an occasion pops up so I tend to always buy one I like straight away when I see it. I hope you spot one you like!

Slip dresses are a style in particular that I enjoyed putting an outfit together with last year. I love how versatile they are and the fact you can wear them during any season. At the moment, I love wearing them over polo necks. This polka dot one is very cute and so on trend too. I also fell in love with jumper dresses last year in a big way. I definitely want to add this grey one to my collection! As for some dressier styles, I really like how sleek this plain black option is from ASOS. This bardot ruffled sleeved option also caught my eye and is currently on sale!


Let me know in the comments if their was a particular style of clothing you enjoyed styling last year? Also if you aren’t following me on Instagram (@Retroflame) already, be sure to keep an eye out for to see some dress styling over the next few weeks!

Chat soon,

x Erika



  1. These are all so beautiful! I want to add them all to my collection! Gorgeous colors and styles!

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