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Photos By Claire

Carraig Donn Coat HERE // River island Molly Jeans // Zara Boots (Similar HERE) // River Island Jumper

Happy Monday everyone! Back today with some photos of a new pop-of-colour coat I’ve added to my wardrobe. Pink is a colour I’m honestly kind of scared of. Haha! I just never fully know if it’s right with my hair & colouring but there’s just something about it which I absolutely love. Especially in a coat! As you’ve probably well figured out at this stage, I love a good all-black outfit (jeans, top, boots, sunnies), so I’m always looking for ways to add some colour. I love this Carraig Donn one – the shade, the quality & the warmth. Definitely check it out if you’re on the search for a coat which is a little more fun than the usual Autumn colour options & there are more options below:

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Last week’s post shared a big chat about the things that keep me motivated (5 tricks) but this week’s post is going to be a shorter one. I just have one quick thing to share. Every Sunday night, I start thinking about what I’m going to write in Monday’s post and as I was doing that at home last night, I was also catching up on my favourite bloggers on Insta Stories. I was watching a blogger called, Marianna Hewitt, who I watch every day (I really like her positivity) and it was something she said that stuck with me and I knew I wanted to share it on here today. It was about 8pm on a Sunday night and she was saying that she knew there were lots of people watching who were more than likely dreading Monday. Dreading going back to work, to school, to reality and just wishing they didn’t have to. We ALL go through it. But her point was to remind us all of how lucky we are to have the option! And I know we hear this all the time, but honestly how lucky are we to be healthy & able to do it!? It really hit me and I loved that she took the time to share a simple but honest reminder and I wanted to pass it on here today.

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Always BE GRATEFUL. Even just for the small things. Even if things are far from perfect, there is still something to be grateful for. Whenever you’re about to complain or be negative about something, just remind yourself that there are SO many people who would give anything to be in your position. How lucky are you? We all go through sh*tty times and sometimes we have every right to complain, but it could always be worse. Always. It’s all about perspective.

So if you were able to go to your job today, have the opportunity to better yourself at school or college, have people around you who care, have plenty of clothes to choose from this morning, have a phone/laptop to access the internet on, have food in the fridge, have money in your pocket, have a bed to get out of…just to name a tiny few. Then be grateful. If you start focusing on the good things, it won’t be long before the bad things don’t seem that important anymore.

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I really loved that Marianna used her (huge) social platform to share this reminder so I wanted to do it too. Even if this post just helps one of you to see things a little differently, it will be worth it.

I hope you all have an amazing week and be sure to keep passing on this reminder.

See you in tomorrow’s video,
Erika x


  1. tracy

    6 November

    This is a brilliant post! It struck an emotional cord with me today and I can’t tell you why! I’m blubbering writing the comment but thank you for that reminder! I love what you do and follow your blog religiously! Keep you the great work Erika!

  2. Ann-Marie

    7 November

    Hi Erika, the coat is gorgeous but the link for it doesn’t appear to be working.

    • Retro Flame

      7 November

      Hi Ann Marie, I think the coat could be sold out – so sorry about that! x

  3. Mimi

    7 November

    Hi Erika, thank you for sharing this and reminding! Finally I want to thank you today, because I discovered your YT and Blog just a few weeks ago and love everything. You are the first (and one of very few) Bloggers I follow – I’m 44 ;-) And every time I watch other bloggers now, I always learn why I like yours so much – it’s because you are not just a stylish and smart person but you’re also very talented at talking fluently, it’s always a pleasure to listen, and the writing at your blog is also very good, like the quotes etc. There are many Bloggers who are not talented in all this skills at the same time… And you are also obviously aware of the fact, that all that fashion stuff in a certain way is „first world problems“ – even if it is great fun to think about. That’s why I enjoy watching and reading Retro Flame very much, even if your style is rather different from mine: I never wear Jeans since I was a Teenager, I always found them uncomfortable and felt not dressed chic enough. I don’t care about Designer stuff like handbags or shoes at all. But I also have a Collection of coloured coats (mustard yellow, apricot, pale blue – I wear them with a huge dark blue scarf, because my hair ist gold blonde, I‘m always a little pale and would probably not wear all these colours without the scarf near my face). But in winter, when the rest of the wardrobe, most of the people around and the cities are very dark and basic -coloured, it‘s always nice to add some colour to the world, isn’t it? :-)
    Please go on with your work, I love it!

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