3 Things I Promise To Always Be

3 Things I Promise To Always Be


Photos by Tara

Zara Blazer (Similar HERE & HERE) // Wide Leg Black Pants (Similar HERE & HERE)
Vintage Belt (Similar HERE) // Rayban Sunglasses

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? We had friends from home visiting this weekend so it was a very fun one here in New York. I posted some of my ‘going-out outfits’ over on my Instagram (@retroflame) if you want to check them out. It was great to be a little more dressed up than usual! How amazing was the metallic blazer I wore Saturday night? I LOVE it!! ….& now that it’s Monday again, it’s back to the usual looks. This outfit is what I’m actually wearing as well today and I’m loving it! The oversized blazer was a Zara find, the belt is vintage and the wide leg trousers are a pair I’ve had for a few years now. But as always, I’ll link some similar options below. I love these two silhouettes together and it’s honestly such a comfy outfit. I love when outfits have a ‘she means business’ kinda feel to them and this is exactly what this one is ;) (p.s. check out my Snapchat – retroflame1 – for a styling trick).





So today I hit 100,000 followers over on Instagram & I figured it definitely deserved a little mention here on the blog. I’m the first to admit that in the grand scheme of things, I’m still a very small fish in a huge ocean of bloggers but no matter what the number is, what I’m proud of is the fact that I didn’t take any short cuts to get there. In an industry where every second blogger is buying their way to the top, of course it could be very tempting to follow suit….but that feeling when you achieve something through hard work alone is a feeling you’ll never beat.  Of course the ‘100K’ is amazing but in my eyes, it’s the journey to that point that I’m proud of.

I still have a long way to go and so many more goals to reach, but I’m both excited & ready to keep working. I know every blogger probably says it but I genuinely feel like I have a community of people who follow me who TRULY have my back. It’s so hard to explain, but I know I got lucky with the people who follow along. I’ve always known. Some have been there from the very beginning, some are new…but the community you all have formed is honestly the reason I keep working so hard to make sure you stick around. Where would I be without the #RetroFlameFam!? To the girl I met at an event here in NYC Wednesday night or the girl I met in EJ’s while having brunch yesterday or the AMAZING amount of you who support my events & say hi when I’m at home in Ireland – you’re what it’s all about. A blogger could have a million followers but if he/she doesn’t build and appreciate a community, then what’s the point of it all.


…& if you decide to stick around for the next 100K (fingers crossed), here are some things I promise to always be:



1. Bluntly Honest
If I don’t love something, I will say NO to the brand deal. Yes it would be great to have that money to put towards my painfully expensive NYC rent. But I won’t do it. If I wouldn’t buy a product/item myself, you can be full sure I won’t tell you to.

2. Myself
I promise to always be myself. Always. Yes, I live in NYC & have created a life I’ve always dreamed of from scratch here but I’ll never not be the Erika Fox who comes from a small village in Kerry. That Erika who still lives for a Christmas night out in Killarney over a fancy event here in New York. Of course, I’m always growing as a person, but you can be sure it will still always be the same message. The harder you work, the luckier you get. No shortcuts, no pretending to be something/someone else, no fakeness – just me + hard work.  In everything I do, I promise to keep driving home that message and hopefully help some of you to achieve your dreams too.

3. Present
…& finally, if you ask me a question, or give me a suggestion, I promise to listen. It all comes back to community and how much I appreciate mine. It may take me a few hours/days to reply, but I WILL get back to you when I can. I promise to be present and be here for you. No matter how many followers I have. We’re in this together & we’re only getting started.




Thank you SO much for reading & here’s to the next set of goals!

Erika x


  1. Therese Maxwell

    14 November

    That’s why we love your blog because you are always honest and down to earth 🌏

  2. Marion McNally

    14 November

    Ah it’s great to see a girl succeed and even better to see honesty. I’ve culled people I follow as I no longer want to watch an ad you realize they just ptonoting as they paid or sponsored it gets very boring watching the falseness. Which is why I find your posts a fresh breath of air. Keep it up.

  3. Shloka

    14 November

    Congratulations beautiful! You really deserve all those followers and I really respect you because of your work ethic! I know how much work it takes and although I am much smaller than you it feels so good when I achieve something through hard work!!

    This look is also so so chic! Love how you used the belt to style it!


  4. Hannah Fields

    17 November

    Thank you Erika! I first found you from your Ikea hack video- but then I watched a Q&A to get to know you more. That’s when I started following you. It’s hard to explain, but I could tell in the first 30 seconds of that video that you were genuine, down-to-earth, and actually passionate about your business and what you do. Fast forward about a year later, and here I am about to launch a blog of my own– thanks mostly to your influence and encouragement through your videos. “Start before you’re ready” is one of the most helpful things I have ever heard. It sounds so simple, but it really, really helped me during a time of personal doubt. So thanks again for all you do- and keep it up!

  5. Sara Sharifpour

    23 November

    Big congrats! Just love, love, love your blog and look forward to seeing your blog evolve :) Have a great weekend! x Sara

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