My NYC Apartment – The Bedroom Tour


Hey guys, today I am SO excited to finally be showing you my NYC Bedroom. It definitely took me a while to get this room right, but I’m really happy with how it turned out in the end. When you have a small space to work with you really have to think outside the box when it come to storage & decorating ideas. So, it took some time to figure out the best layout and make sure all of my belongings had a place to live in the most organized way possible. But, we got there eventually (where there’s a will, there’s a way haha!) and I must say it’s exactly I hoped it would turn out. I wanted to keep it as airy & minimal as possible so I stuck to a mostly white theme with a slight pop of colour here and there (very similar to my Kitchen, Bathroom & Living room). The average NYC bedroom is usually on the small side so I hope this gives you some inspiration & decorating ideas if you are in a similar situation..

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As I mentioned, NYC bedrooms are usually quite small so I had to be really smart when it came to my storage. With the help of the lovely Jamie from HorderlyNYC I was able to organize my makeup, jewelry & hair products really well and I must say it’s a system that’s been very easy to stick too which is always important! We picked up most of the products we used from Amazon & The Container Store. Also, when it came to my wardrobe, she advised me to make sure that all my hangers were the same which instantly made it look neater. I also made sure I was utilizing all of the space by adding in an extra rail. I find these little tricks make such a huge difference.

My NYC Apartment - The Bedroom TourPQ8A8564My NYC Apartment - The Bedroom TourMy NYC Apartment - The Bedroom TourMy NYC Apartment - The Bedroom TourPQ8A8572

Photos by Tara

Well, I really hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak. I’m so relieved that it’a finally finished and exactly how I hoped it would turn out! I have linked nearly every single thing in the room below. Also, in my YouTube Video I go into a way detail about everything so be sure to check that out below too!

Have a great evening,

Erika x


  1. It’s lovely. I just love everything. Thanks for sharing this post.

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