Barbados Travel Guide: Hotels, Restaurants, What I...

Barbados Travel Guide: Hotels, Restaurants, What I Wore & More.


Hello everyone & happy Monday! I am finally back to New York & at my desk today – two things that make me crazy happy. September was such a blur of month between my work travels to Ireland & my birthday trip to Barbados (you can see all of my pics from both trips on my Instagram). So I couldn’t be more excited to be back to New York  just in time for my favourite season. But before we get into Autumn in NYC, I thought it would be good to start off the week by doing a little Barbados Travel Guide. Below I go through where we stayed, what I wore & more. Loads of you have been asking about the holiday so I really hope you find it helpful…& maybe make it there one day too :)

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Firstly, let’s talk about the hotels we stayed in. I really believe where you stay can either make or break a trip so the hotel is always something I put a lot of research and thought into. For this trip it was no different, I spent weeks looking into different hotels until I eventually found a group called ‘Elegant Hotels‘. I was lucky enough to then team up with the group and stay in two of their hotels in Barbados. Staying in two different places during a trip was something I had never done before but I really really loved it! Below are some points about each one:

Turtle Beach:

– All-Inclusive Hotel
– Great for families
– Two pools & direct access to a beautiful beach
-Free Water Sports
– 3 Restaurants to choose from
– Really relaxed vibe & amazing staff!

Colony Club Hotel:
-Chic Decor & beautiful bedrooms
-Two Pools & direct access to a beautiful beach
-Two Restaurants (+ amazing live music)
-Breakfast is included
-Free Water Sports
– Great for couples – really romantic & calm atmosphere!

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Barbados itself was everything I expected & more – pure paradise! It really was the perfect place to just switch off and rewind, I felt like a new woman after coming back, haha! Here are some things to note before booking a trip there:

–  They use Barbados Dollars. (1 Barbados dollar equals to roughly 50c USD / 40c EUR.)
– Hurricane season runs from June through to October so September is a quiet time which I actually liked, plus it made everything a lot cheaper. Their busy season is December- April.
– It is VERY warm all year round.
– The locals are so welcoming & grateful of tourists!

The food was really good too!  As I mentioned our first hotel was all-inclusive but during our stay in the second hotel we got to try two amazing restaurants:

-The Cliff

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And lastly, lets talk about what I wore. Believe it or not, I actually packed very well for this trip for a change. I think I was planning it for so long that in turn my outfits were planned well too. You can go as casual as you like there which is great but I did dress up a few nights as I personally love to do that on holidays. You can shop all of the outfits I wore HERE.

If you would like to see a more in depth look into the trip, be sure to check out my two vlogs which are now live on my YouTube Channel. Both of the videos give you a better look at the hotels & my outfits, and of course some funny bits! I love vlogging my trips as I think the videos will be such lovely memories to look back on in years to come so I hope you enjoy them too!



I hope you enjoyed this quick Barbados travel guide & have a fantastic week! Be sure to keep an eye out for my first vlog from Ireland which will be going live on my YT channel tomorrow!

x Erika


  1. Kate Lubinski

    14 August

    I found your outfits really cute and inspiring, especially the dress in the first picture, it just fits so nicely with the scenery and the vibe! I’m going there soon and your outfits are really helpful for planning mine! Although I am going there for diving (I’ve heard this is a really good spot – and therefore, I won’t necessarily be feminine in the water, I will definitely dress up in the evenings!

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