Autumn Inspiration – 5 Easy Outfits To Recre...

Autumn Inspiration – 5 Easy Outfits To Recreate

Autumn Outfits - 5 Outfits To Re-Create

Ever been late because of a fight with your wardrobe?  Or end up turning your room into a war site just trying to pick out an outfit? (we’ve all been there haha!). And even though you have piles and piles of clothes & seem to be shopping all of the time, you just find it hard to put an actual outfit together. I totally understand, there are just some days where it’s an impossible task and nothing seems to work. But don’t worry, I’m here to help! I’ve searched online and picked out 5 different examples of Autumn Outfits for you to re-create. I’ve found some similar options for every item in each outfit and linked them also to make it easy for you. When ever I feel uninspired to create an outfit I find searching on Pinterest or Instagram helpful. So, I thought this kind of post could help you next time you are stuck in an outfit rut…

'The Comfy Event Outfit' (2)

This is the look we all love. Is their anything nicer than throwing on a big wooly jumper and coat, I don’t think so! Here in New York when it gets cold I live in these kind of outfits (I love a good hat haha!) I know a lot of us tend to steer clear of white jeans during winter but I actually love them! If you would like to try and re-create this look, this jumper & this coat are very similar!

Casual (2)

Another one of my favourites that I came across. I love how this look is so effortless yet chic. You can NEVER go wrong with all black! This is the kind of outfit I would wear on a Saturday morning when I go for a stroll to get coffee. It’s when you want to be casual and comfy yet still feel stylish. I love Autumn layering and this is the perfect example. If you’re looking for a similar pair of shoes, I love the pearl detail on these ones!


I love this one! My new obsession with wide legs trousers is probably the main reason. So cool & chic at the same time which can be hard to do. A black wide leg pair of pants are such a handy thing to have in your wardrobe so if you are on the hunt, I found two similar pairs here & here. I am also loving wide leg trousers in a statement colour at the moment so I linked some options below too.


This the look you go for when you know your leaving your house at 10am and won’t be back until midnight. It needs to cover any kind of event you find yourself going to that day. I love how she has kept it practical with the turtle neck and long coat while still making the look dressy with the heeled boots & skirt. If you invest in one thing this season, invest in a good pair of black boots. I love this pair from River Island.


And last but not lease, I couldn’t put this post together without including one of Olivia Palermo’s many amazing looks. I LOVE her style! If you’ve been following for a while you will know that this kind of look is always a go-to for me when it comes to events. I love styling culottes and I honestly think it’s great to have a selection of pairs in my wardrobe. I’m so tempted by this fab pair from River Island and I’ve linked more options down below for you guys.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Definitely let me know if you did and I can put some more similar ones together for you! Also, if you are looking to shop more Autumn Style, check out the shop page on my blog HERE.

Have a great weekend,

x Erika


  1. Rachel

    20 October

    Such a great post!
    Love all of the looks, definitely going to have to make some new purchases now!

  2. Jandrew

    22 October

    Really love ❤️ your weekend look! Great Styling across the board. I’m a first time visitor to your blog and like your style ! I’m that rare beast 🦄a man who writes a fashion blog for women . I’m always looking for collaborations, partnerships and friendships. Visit me and say hi
    Dress The Part

  3. MD. Faisal

    26 October

    Want to become an online fitness coach? There’s some things you need to know before you start.

  4. Gary

    16 April

    This outfit inspiration is still surprisingly relevant today!

    Amazing longevity to your taste.

    Gary | Outfit Ideas with TrendFriend

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