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Happy Monday everyone! It’s a bank holiday weekend here in New York so I’ll keep today’s post a little on the shorter side. We’re actually off to the US open later today (tennis) which I’m so excited about and it’ll be the perfect start to a busy week to come. I can barely believe it, but it’s that time of year again….New York Fashion Week! This marks my 4th September doing Fashion Week here in New York and so I wanted to share some ‘blast from the past’ Fashion Week outfits in today’s post. Fashion week here in New York has honestly opened so many doors for me back since my interning days so I really do have a big soft spot for it. I will say though, since moving from the Lincoln Center a few years ago, I don’t have as much love for it but it’s still always great to be involved even a little. This year, I’ll be doing 3 days (Thurs, Friday, Saturday) and then Tommy & I are heading to Barbados on Sunday for my birthday. So as I said, busy (but VERY fun) week ahead, haha!

As I was putting all these photos into the post, I can literally remember the story behind each look and exactly where we shot. Every photo has a story and honestly, that’s probably my favourite part about being a blogger – having all these memories on Camera. The outfit below is one of the outfits I wore at Fashion Week 3 years ago when I was working with Olivia Palermo. She admired my shoes that day and I’m still happy about it, haha! I worked with her all during Fashion Week the second week I moved to New York and I always say, it set seriously high goals & standards for me from the get-go. I learned from the very beginning that anything can happen in NYC.

NYFW Day 7- Retro Flame - Erika Fox

I mentioned on my Twitter (@retroflame) during the week that September has and always will be my favourite month of the year. It’s my birthday month, yes, but also a month that always just seems like a fresh start and I love that. Granted, whenever it does come around, it always seems to remind me just how fast the year is going but also gives me the nudge to check in on my goals and ensure I get them done. You might remember the ‘My Dream 2017‘ blog post I wrote at the beginning of the year? I love to map out exactly what I want to achieve throughout the year and then check in on it often. September 1st is always a day I check in.

Wide Leg Trousers - Blush Coat - NYFW


New York Fashion Week - Day 1 - Street Style

There’s still quite a lot I want/need to do before the end of 2017 and now is the time to get started. It’s never too late – even to just get started. So I really wanted to share today’s post to remind YOU of that too. If you did join me back in January in writing down your goals (or even if you didn’t), it’s now time to check-in on them and get planning. Nothing like a bit of time-pressure to make you get things done! So often, we leave things til ‘next week’ or ‘next year’ and I hate it. I’m 100% guilty of it too. But let’s all use these next 4 months, the last part of 2017, to FINALLY do them. Imagine if it was your last chance? You’d do them, right?

YSL Mini Crossbody Bag - Khaki Coat

My NYC Weekend Favourites - Weekends in New York - Retro Flame

NYFW Day 2 - Retro Flame - Erika Fox

I have about 3 big goals I want to achieve before December 31st and I recently found a printable online that I now use to help me get there. HERE it is and I really recommend giving it a go. It makes you break your goal down into small steps and then you do 1 small step each weekday. This way, you eliminate that feeling of being overwhelmed. It’s really been working for me, so give it a go and let me know what you think?

Hoping this post had given you that push you may have needed & I’m excited to get things done together!

Have a great week & be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram (@retroflame) for lots of fashion week updates.

Erika x


  1. lj

    4 September

    Love seeing previous NYFW outfits compiled into one post! I also love September and have a very exciting few months ahead :) Enjoy your bday and Barbados! <3

  2. Joniamac

    9 September

    Love your style! Each outfit is amazing!


  3. Melanie May

    10 September

    Have you done a blog post or YouTube video on your working week / day? I am a blogger myself but I would love to know what it takes behind the scenes in terms of hours worked per day and tasks etc. in order for a blog to be successful. You blog makes me want to move back to New York!

    • Retro Flame

      13 September

      Hi Melanie,

      I have actually never done a post but I usually do 13 hour work days which are a mixture of admin, shooting, filming, writing & editing! xx

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