My Go-To Photo & Video Equipment

My Must Have Photo/Video Equipment

It’s no secret that these day being a blogger/ YouTuber requires having quite the collection of equipment. That’s right, those pictures and videos unfortunately don’t just happen with a simple camera on your phone anymore – we’ve come a long way haha! So, today I wanted to share with you my 9 go-to pieces of photo/ video equipment. These are the pieces I reach for constantly throughout each week for my Blog & YouTube Channel. I thought this might be helpful for anyone interested in starting a blog or YouTube channel. Or, just anyone that reads my blog and is simply into tech and wonders what I use…

My Go-To Photo/Video Equipment


Of course, I have to begin with the most important tool – my camera. It’s safe to say I have gone through my fair share of cameras over the years but my most recent one is definitely my favourite to date. It’s the Canon EOS M6. I get most of my blog photos taken professionally by photographers so I just use it for video mostly. I’m not going to lie, I am still learning how to use it properly but so far I am liking it a lot more than my previous camera which was the Canon G7X. Don’t get me wrong, that was brilliant also but I just find the focus is so much better on this one for both vlogging and sit down videos. It is also a huge plus that you can change the lens on this where as you couldn’t with the G7X.


For my sit down Youtube videos a tripod is an absolute must! It makes life 1 million times easier. At first, I purchased a pretty inexpensive one off of Amazon. However, it actually broke pretty quickly so I would recommend to maybe opt for a slightly more expensive one if you can. Usually it’s better in the long term to pay a little bit more and get your money’s worth. A tripod is also very handy if you work alone and don’t always have someone to take a photo for you – I know before Kaelin started with me it would have been a very handy thing to have! I use this one from Amazon and so far so good!


I can’t emphasize enough how important this next tool is for YouTube Videos. Let’s face it, YouTube is tough and when you start out you’re videos are more than likely not going to be perfect straight away. It’s a learning process and that’s totally ok but lighting is one thing I would recommend to invest in from the get go. You can definitely do it on a budget as well which I love. These affordable lights from Amazon would be perfect for someone starting out.


A laptop & editing software are both obviously hugely important tools for me when it comes to creating content for my Blog & YouTube Channel. I have an Apple 13′ Macbook Pro which I find great (besides some storage issue but I’ll get to that) and I currently use imovie to edit all of my YouTube videos. I do really like imovie and it’s so great that it comes with the laptop but it definitely has it’s glitches so I am hoping to upgrade to Final Cut Pro very soon.

My Go- To Photo /Video Equipment


I think anyone with an iphone knows the struggle when it comes to the battery. Especially if you are a blogger on apps like Snapchat & Instagram all day long that eat it. That is why I never leave the house without my portable charger. In fact I always try to have few charged up so I’m never stuck. I do try and invest in slightly more expensive ones because I appreciate when they have more than one charge in them and of course I’m conscious that they don’t damage my phone. I find this one from Amazon great!


For those of you who don’t know what a Joby is – it’s basically just a small tripod. I use this all the time when daily vlogging and when I travel because it’s more compact. The main reason I use it is because it keeps the camera steadier and allows me to have a wider shot. If you’re into vlogging I would definitely put this on your list of things to get. it may seem uneccessary but I reach for mine all of the time!


Would you believe I only got my first pair of headphones last year and I think I’ve worn them more than anything else I own ever since haha! Kaelin got me these Frends ones for my birthday and I must say I do love them and find them so comfortable to wear. Here is also a more affordable similar option from ASOS.


I would imagine we have all been driven mental by storage problems at one stage or another. Whether on our phone or laptop. So a hard drive is another huge must have for me. Video takes up SO much space on a laptop so I try to always move my YouTube videos over to my hard drive as soon as they are uploaded. That way I don’t have to delete them and it frees up space for the new ones – anything for an easy life! This one from Amazon is the one I use.


And last but not least is my latest addition to my kit – a microphone. I was finding the background noise in my videos a little distracting so I decided to invest in this microphone from Amazon. I’ve just started using it but already I can see such a difference and now I really wish I had done it sooner. I know it seems like a lot of equipment goes into one video but quality is so important in a competitive place like YouTube.

My Go-To Photo/Video Equipment

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my go-to equipment and maybe got the idea to add some of the pieces to your own collection. I always say that you will never regret investing into your passion. You can shop everything I spoke about below.

Chat soon,

x Erika


  1. Trina

    23 August

    Love this post – it’s so interesting to hear about everything that goes into having a multi-media presence! -Trina

  2. […] 7. My new camera: For my work, I’m always looking to upgrade my equipment and so I recently invested in a new camera which I LOVE! It took me a while to get used to it but now that I am, I’m really enjoying filming on it. I think I actually just got more comfortable with youtube/video in general this month and I’m honestly just really enjoying it. If you want to know the full list of photo/video equipment I use (there’s a lot more than you’d think) check out my post HERE. […]

  3. lj

    4 September

    Storage issues are so annoying! I figured out how to save storage and use iMovie.. You can set up the iMovie library through your hardrive so that everything saves in your hardrive as opposed to your laptop.. I learned how to do it on a YouTube video just search “run iMovie from a hardrive”.. hope that helps! :)

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