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Hi guys, As I mentioned in my previous post yesterday was the 1 year mark since going full-time with Retro Flame here in New York and was also the day I was featured on a TV show back in Ireland. I’ve been getting lots of messages from you over the past 24 hours that gave me the idea for today’s video….

I hope you enjoy it!



  1. Patrick A.

    8 March

    Hi Erika, congrats on superb feature on Irish TV. As everyone knows, once you appear on Nationwide you’ve really arrived!
    Well done on an excellent blog – the perfect blend of a natural and down to earth presentation style, combined with highly professional production values. Nice clear design, no clutter, minimalist fashion sense and striking photography. Overall, a product the big agencies would be proud of, yet all done on a budget. And with solid life-coaching advice thrown in. Move over Carrie Bradshaw…
    You’re a fine ambassador for Co. Kerry. Best of luck with it all.

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