5 Staple Items You Need In Your Spring Wardrobe

5 Staple Items You Need In Your Spring Wardrobe

5 staples you need in your wardrobe this Spring

Hey everyone and happy Friday! Last week I did a post all about Occasion Wear and a lot of you found it very helpful so this week I decided to do a similar post all about Spring Staples! We all know the first few weeks can be a little tricky as winter ends and Spring sneaks up on us, most of us usually end up jumping the gun too early leaving our coats at home & end up freezing or some of us stay in denial and continue to layer up which results in many sweaty situations (that’s me) haha! I know that this week in New York has had me in both of those situations and it’s definitely not ideal so it’s good to be prepared! I’ve thought it through and broken down 5 staple items I think you need in your wardrobe this Spring and linked some options below that I am loving too. I really hope this post gives you some Spring wardrobe inspiration..

The first staple that comes to mind is light wash denims. I recently invested in a new pair and I must admit I have been non-stop wearing them. They are so easy to pair up with things and instantly give you that effortless cool look that everyone wants! I can honestly see these being massive this year especially in the ‘boyfriend’/ ‘Mom’ style which I am honestly still testing out but definitely beginning to love. These ones from ASOS  caught my eye & for a skinnier pair I am a big fan of this Mango style (such a great fit!)

As you might have seen in my ‘11 Things That Will Happen When You Move To NYC‘ post, I am loving  duster coats right now. They are so perfect for this time of year as they are not heavy but still work well as a jacket/coat and make you feel a bit more covered up. I think they look so classy and really add the finishing touch to an outfit. Definitely a spring staple in my eyes! I am still obsessing over my one from Lavish Alice & also love this dusty pink one from ASOS!

I must admit I am definitely a boots kind of girl most of the year but as you may know it gets quite warm here in New York in the summer so over the past few years I have been forced to change my ways. I am kind of glad though because it definitely reignited my love for pretty pumps. They are so many different options out there as well right now buy if you can’t already tell though I am sort of obsessed with the pointy toe look. Two of my favourites online at the moment would be these gorgeous embellished black ones & these suede ones from New Look.

Another staple I tend to stock up on when Spring starts here and it begins to get a little warmer is lots of casual light day dresses. These are so so handy and comfortable to wear. Simply pair these with one of the pairs of pumps and duster coats above and you have the perfect Spring outfit! They are also ideal for the less fancy occasions coming into summer such as barbecues & beach days and if it’s raining (which is a high possibility in Ireland) you can simply pair them with tights and boots. I really like this cute ruffled one form ASOS & this denim one (So cute over a t-shirt/jumper!)

…And last but not least, maybe my favourite staple of all for Spring, a light jumper! If you have been following me for a while you will know I love a good white shirt/ Jumper combo (For example) and Spring is the absolute perfect time of year for it! I recently spoke about my love for white shirts in my post ‘The 5 Staple Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe‘ but today I wanted to talk about the other important element! As I said earlier spring weather can be unpredictable and you may not be breaking out the t-shirts straight away so light jumpers are a god sent! My two favourites that I came across while browsing were this stunning cream frilled one & this French Connection stripey version (such an investment piece!)

Once again guys, I hope you found this post helpful! I really enjoy putting these together for you so let me know if there is anything else similar to this you would like to see! Happy Shopping and have a great weekend! I plan to have a very chilled one here in New York which I am actually very excited about! As usual feel free to follow along on my Instagram (@Retroflame) & Snapchat (@Retroflame1) for updates!



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