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CLUSE Watches

CLUSE Watches

CLUSE Watches

CLUSE Watches

CLUSE WatchesPhotos by Tara

REISS Black Jacket // Penneys/Primark Jeans (Similar) // Boutique Lace Top (Similar)
YSL Bag // Celine Sunglasses // CLUSE La Roche Petite Marble Watch


Hi everyone, happy Monday! Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. It’s actually a long weekend here in the U.S this weekend so most people are off today, but I still wanted to do a quick post to share with you my newest CLUSE watch from their re-edited ‘La Roche Petite’ collection. I already have one of the original La Roche watches (this one) and now I’m excited to have an updated version too. This whole collection is designed using real marble, so you can just imagine how much I love it!

The updated collection consists of 4 models. Two of the models are crafted based on the existing La Roche colour palette, while two new colour combinations were also added. The dial of each watch is now smaller too (33mm over 38mm of existing La Roche collection). I could probably go as far as saying that this is probably one of my favourite collections from CLUSE for a number of reasons. Each watch in this collection is crafted out of real marble and each watch features a different veining pattern from the rest…making each one entirely unique. I just love the fact that no two are the same! HERE is the one I’m wearing in this post.

CLUSE Watches
“You are you and that is your power.”

This new CLUSE collection actually gave me the inspiration for today’s chatty part of the post (I love sharing outfits but I ALWAYS love to incorporate some thoughts & conversation too). If you’ve watched my latest video all about ‘Career Advice that ACTUALLY works’, you’ll have seen that one of my points was all about ‘sticking to your DNA’. The importance of being yourself is now more important than ever and I can’t stress how much you need to do it. No one is good at everything but everyone is good at something. So instead of always focusing on what you’re not good at, give all your attention to what you ARE good at….and be/do that. Just be yourself.

CLUSE Watches

I mentioned in the video that for me, photography and anything too creative is just not my strength. (I work with a photographer for all my blog posts). I tried for YEARS to make it my strength but it was honestly a waste of time. I’m all about learning new skills but I’m also a big believer in the importance of self-awareness. Every now and again, you just have to be honest with yourself. I took a step back a few years ago and admitted to myself that trying to do all the photography for the blog myself was just never going to work. This also kind of relates to photography for my social media. I used to look at some people’s Instagram accounts and absolutely love how artsy and professional their feed looked due to amazing photography. I tried to convince myself that mine should be the same and just before I was about to spend an insane amount of money on new cameras, I reminded myself that if I tried to have an Instagram account full of 100% amazing, professional-looking photography – it just wouldn’t be ‘me’. I would just be doing it to please others. Who was I trying to kid? I HATE taking photos & editing them, haha!! That was never going to last long so I decided instead to keep my Instagram more ‘in the moment’ and full of photos that are more raw and real. My social media accounts mightn’t be the prettiest you’ll ever see but they’re ‘me’ and that’s more important to me than anything!

Retro Flame - New York

The thing is, when you’re yourself, you’ll always attract the people, followers, friends, whoever that are right for you. If you’re trying to be someone else, you’ll very soon get caught out. As I’m getting older, I’m definitely more unapologetically myself every day. Of course, I’m always trying to be better in certain ways but I’m also much more aware that you know what, I’m just fine the way I am. None of us will ever be for everyone but it’s important to remember that while you may not ever be everyone’s cup of tea, you’ll be somebody’s double shot of whiskey instead….and that’s always better in my eyes ;)

So if you do one thing for me this week, please stop trying to please everyone. You’ll drive yourself absolutely crazy!! Be you, stick to your DNA, bet on your strengths and never apologize for any of it.

Have a great week guys!

*Thank you to CLUSE for partnering on this post.*


  1. Megan

    21 February

    Love this Erika! I am the exact same way! No photography skills whatsoever, I keep trying and trying to no avail! I love the honesty as many bloggers would never admit to this!

  2. Kelly Lund

    21 February

    I totally love the meaning behind this post. At a time when it seems everyone is copying and trying to one up one another, it is more important than ever to stick to who you really are. I think that’s really the only way to achieve true happiness. Hope you keep sharing more career and life tips — accompanied with a killer outfit and that top? Even better!

    xoxo – Kelly

  3. Sara

    22 February

    Great point and thanks for the inspiration. And think I have a new favorite watch! ☺ have a great weekend!

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