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Hi everyone, happy Wednesday. Being honest, I’m always excited to share new posts & collaborations but I think today’s one has me extra excited. A few weeks ago, Sunglass Hut invited me to partner up to style a shoot with some of their sunglasses featuring someone I love & admire. Firstly, I couldn’t be more sunglasses-obsessed if I tried, so it was a big fat YES from me and secondly, I knew the shoot was going to fall at the same time my Mom was here visiting from Ireland…so I knew straight away who I would be shooting with. My Mom is my biggest inspiration in so many ways (and also the most GLAM Mom I know) so I just knew I had to get her involved. It’s actually the first ever proper shoot we’ve done together here on Retro Flame and I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. Definitely pictures I will cherish forever!

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Sunglass Hut Black & Gold PRADA Sunglasses & Rayban Sunglasses

As I mentioned, I’ve always and ever been a huge Sunglasses fan so it was an easy task to choose some new styles from the Sunglass Hut site. They have the best selection around! In the end, I went for this stunning PRADA pair and also a pair of classic Ray Bans. Both timeless styles I’ll have forever! I think the aviators will be especially great in the Summer and for Coachella too!

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I love the whole idea behind this Sunglass Hut campaign! I’m a big believer in the importance of having someone to look up to and then praising them every opportunity you get. I genuinely couldn’t be more grateful to have such supportive parents. They’ve always supported my crazy ideas and their guidance has undoubtedly shaped me into the person I’ve grown up to be. Funny story actually, both my parents are Irish (my Mom is from Kerry and my Dad is from Westmeath) and they actually met here in New York when they were my age. They had both moved over here to work and they met one day in a bar my uncle worked in. So I guess, there’s always been a very special connection to New York in our family and so we all love when we get a chance to be here together.

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My Mom is genuinely the most GLAM person I know. Seriously. But as well as that, she is also the most hard-working & caring person I know too. For as long as I can remember, she’s always had a million & one things going on at once. She worked full-time while also running a really busy B&B on the side and I never once heard her complain. She’s a worker and it’s undoubtedly where Kaelin & I get our work-ethic from. She has taught me everything I know – from style to organisation to the importance of always giving everything your all and it was genuinely such a treat to have here in New York for this shoot. Doesn’t she look like such a pro!? :) I can’t get enough of these co-ordinated looks!!

PQ8A9390 copyPhotos by Tara

I’m so excited to have her here in New York for one more full week so I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots more of her on my Snapchat (Retroflame1) and also on my Instagram (@retroflame). Oh and have you seen my latest video?? She’s the star of the show in that too :) I’m bringing you behind the scenes of this shoot and also sharing how we prepped for last night’s Valentine’s party in our apartment. To add to her list of talents, my Mom is also the QUEEN of hosting parties so she’s shares her top tips in the video too. You can watch below:


Hope you all loved this post as much as we did creating it!

Erika x

** Huge thank you to Sunglass Hut for partnering on this post. **



  1. Siobhan

    15 February

    Your mam is a legend 👏🏻👏🏻 I need those Prada Sunnies so bad xx siobhan

  2. Julia

    15 February

    OMG Erika, love seeing your mom on your blog! She’s such a class act and this is a beautiful tribute. Our parents really do shape us so much, I know I get my vision from my mom in a lot of ways too. <3

  3. Ioanna

    15 February

    Your mom is so beautiful and stylish! The photos are amazing and both of you are stunning!

    Lots of love,


  4. Amy

    15 February

    These pictures really made me smile (You are right about your mum being super glam, as are you!) and I loved the story about how New York has a special connection with your whole family. Definitely going to look at the Prada sunglasses, so nice!

  5. Sarah

    15 February

    Aww these turned out so beautiful!!! Such a lovely post ❤

  6. Liv

    15 February

    Love the suit. So chic!


  7. Rebecca

    16 February

    Love seeing your Mum on snapchat – she’s the Queen of all things organisation and interior design :) Beautiful suit. X

  8. Sarah C

    16 February

    Hey Erika! Loved the post and the video.
    I definitely think your youtube content is better when it’s more of a vlog-style type video — they’re way more enjoyable to watch!!


  9. Emma

    16 February

    This is ridiculously cute. Classy lady! X

  10. Ashling

    16 February

    So nice, love the pics, the video and your words in this blog. So nice to see. Something to, as you said, cherish forever! Keep it up. Great work.

  11. Bernadette

    19 February

    Ok Ladies…you guys are so glamorous.
    What is the secret of staying so style connected??

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