TK Maxx Haul – Home Decor, Dining, Activewea...

TK Maxx Haul – Home Decor, Dining, Activewear & More!


If you follow along on Snapchat (retroflame1) you’ll know that this week, I teamed up with TK Maxx here in Ireland and visited their store in Killarney to find some new goodies. If you’re a long-term Retro Flame follower, you’ll know that I’ve always been a bit of a bargain-hunter. I love my designer pieces, but I also love finding unique items that not many other people will have. For years, so many of my friends have looked at me in horror when I tell them how much I love spending an hour (or often more) in a shop like TK Maxx searching for some new gems. And my response has ALWAYS been, ‘Don’t knock it until you try it’. I think the people who are scared off by it think it will be a disorganised mess, sizes everywhere, etc. – but honestly it really is the complete opposite. Everything is in sections, organised by size and even the bigger sections such as homeware (my favourite) are so so easy to navigate. Over the years, I’ve found some of my very favourite homeware pieces in TK Maxx, so when they suggested we team up while I was at home, I didn’t hesitate for one second to say YES. There’s nothing I love more than sharing finds from brands I’ve genuinely loved for years and I’m so excited to show you what I got! I had €150 to work with and focused on 3 key areas – Home Decor/Stationery, Dining & Food and Activewear. 3 of my favourites! I’m excited to show you everything in more detail below…








Marble Journal, Marble Notepad, Flamingo Notepad, Strip Candle & Artifical Flowers – All from TK MAXX

For as long as I can remember, the very first thing I go to buy at the beginning of any year is a new journal (or three!). I love technology, but I’ll forever be a hand-written lists type of person. Old habits die hard, right? So I love to stock up on some brand new ones for the year ahead and TK Maxx have some of the best selection out there! I also picked up two black & white stripe candles (which will be perfect for my office in NYC) and also a lovely bunch of artificial flowers. Home decor will forever be my favourite so why not start the new year with a few new additions!








Praline & White Hot Chocolate, Coconut Truffles, Sleepy Me Tea, Farfalle Pasta & Mason Jar Glass – All from TK Maxx

Something I really want to achieve this year is to make time for relaxation. It’s something I often tend to forget about so I’m really going to try to add a little ‘Zen’ into my life each evening when I finish work. I love coffee but it’s obviously not ideal to be drinking it at 9pm, so I picked up a selection of hot chocolate & night-time tea. I LOVE hot drinks and I’m always on the search for new ones so I was really excited to see these two! Oh and I also could NOT leave that black & white pasta behind – could it be any more Retro Flame appropriate!? Haha! Can’t wait to serve it at an upcoming dinner party!




Puma Workout Pants, Puma Sports Bra, Long Sleeve Top, Black Hoodie & Reebok Water Bottle – All from TK Maxx.

Then finally, it wouldn’t be January without some new activewear! I always get easily tired of my workout gear, so I like to change it up as often as I can. If anything, it’s a little motivation to actually put it on and do something active. While I’m at home here in Kerry, I love going to my local beach Rossbeigh and I can’t wait to wear these new pieces over the next few days. I picked up some new workout pants, a cropped sports bra (really nice fit), a long-sleeved burgundy top (to add in a little colour) and a fitted black hoodie. When it comes to good-quality workout gear at a price that won’t break the bank – you will not find better than TK Maxx. Everything I’m wearing here was less than €30. As I said before, don’t knock it until you try it :)

I can definitely say that it was definitely a successful shopping trip all-round! Be sure to have a look in your local TK Maxx the next time you’re passing by and let me know if you find any of the items I’ve shown you here.

Hope you’re all having a lovely week,
Erika x

*Huge thank you to TK Maxx for partnering on this post. So proud to be working with a store I’ve shopped at for years :)


  1. Lou M.

    5 January

    Beautiful picks, I love the stationery, that marble notepad is gorgeous!

  2. Corinne O'Shea

    5 January

    Lovely pics. Fab Retro flame candle (black and white) love the note pads as well. I love the sports wear too.

  3. Romy

    5 January

    It’s my absolute favourite shop 😍

  4. Maeve

    5 January

    Just watched your snaps about notebooks, notepads and lists. If I didn’t make lists I would get nothing done. If you haven’t heard of or checked out May Designs you need to. Everything can be personalized, options are so pretty and the deals aren’t too bad. I’m going to miss the Kerry Mountains when you leave! Love ‘The Kingdom!’

  5. Bernadette Teahan

    6 January

    You are a great ambassador for Kerry Erika

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