A Sneak Peek Into My NYC Wardrobe

NYC Wardrobe

Hi everyone! Today is another new video day and this one is a brand new VLOG! It’s so funny, if you had asked me about editing vlogs this time six months ago, I nearly would have just started crying at the thought of it…but whatever has happened, I’m absolutely loving it now! So if you are struggling with anthing at the moment – KEEP GOING. With practice and persistence, it always gets easier. I actually really like how today’s video turned out and I’m so excited to just keep doing more & more. Have you had a chance to subscribe to my Youtube channel? It would mean the world to me :)

In today’s video, I bring you along to an Equinox yoga class at the top of The World Trade Center (yes, just as cool as it sounds!!) and also give you a sneak peek into my wardrobe here in NYC. You’ll probably know by now that I absolutely love organisation, I can’t function without it, so I have a very specific way of sorting everything in my wardrobe. My room decor in this new apartment isn’t finished just yet, but in today’s video, I’m showing you the organisation/storage situation so far for my shoes, accessories and clothes. Hope you like! Erika x


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