My Dream 2017

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Happy New Year everyone! I’m excited to share my very first post of 2017. Last year I shared a post called ‘My Dream 2016’ which outlined my main goals and hopes for the year ahead. A lot of you seemed to really like it, so I figured why not do it again for 2017. I always think it’s a very scary thing to share your goals with everyone, but I also know that it puts that extra bit of pressure on you to actually get them done – which in my eyes, is a great thing! When you write things down, it makes them real. Still to this day, I write everything in a journal/diary.  But as well as writing my usual hand-written list of what I want to achieve in 2017, I’m also sharing it here on the blog too. Then once a week, I’ll click back into this post and remind myself of what needs to be done. Some goals will be bigger than others and being honest, some might even be a bit over-ambitious, but I’m a big believer in always aiming as high as possible. If your dreams don’t scare you, they just aren’t big enough.

I mentioned in my end of year reflection post that for me, 2016 was a year which brought with it a lot of changes. I quit my full-time job in New York to work on Retro Flame and since then, so much more seemed to change too. 2016 was a year of adjustment and a year that has really set me up to now face into certain projects I’ve just been waiting to do. I want nothing more than for 2017 to be ‘year of doing’. I really do believe every year has it’s own purpose and I have certain things in my mind that are just perfect for this year ahead. Of course, absolutely none of us know what’s around the corner and we will never ever be able to predict it, but while I’m healthy enough to get out of the bed each morning and work on things I truly love, I’m not going to take one minute for granted. There will always be excuses and always reasons why we shouldn’t do certain things, but life is genuinely the most precious thing you’ll ever get so why waste it!? You owe it to yourself to give it your very best shot while you can.

I saw something which really made me laugh on Instagram during the week. It was something like: 21: “You’re so young.”22: “You’re so young.”23: “You’re so young.”24: “You’re so young.” 25: “So how’s your career? When are you getting engaged? Any thoughts about children?”. Haha! It’s like as soon as you hit a certain age, society almost expects certain things from you and quite honestly, I find it all a bit ridiculous. I’m going into 2017 as a 25-year-old and I can honestly say I’ve never been more focused on having a ‘ME year’ than I am now. A year where I work on myself and what I want to achieve FOR MYSELF. Thankfully, I’ve always been very independent but even the most independent of people can get caught up in distractions. Whether it’s visas, relationships, jobs – things that just distract you from YOUR goals and dreams. It’s very easy to go off track. So 2017 is a year where my main aim is FOCUS. Focusing on what’s truly important, not letting other people influence decisions or cause unnecessary stress and just being truly as happy as possible.

The main 4 areas I look to at the beginning of every year are Career, Travel, Relationships and Health/Well-Being. These are the 4 areas of life that to me, matter most. So these are the things I focus my goals & plans around.

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This exact day last year, I was getting ready to go back to my full-time social media manager job at a fashion company in NYC. And let’s just say I wasn’t all that excited. Now don’t get me wrong, I truly loved the job and the people I worked with, but I knew in my heart, I’d give anything to be going back to NYC to work on (just) Retro Flame. Fast forward a year and that’s what I’ll now be doing next Sunday. As I mentioned, last year was a big year for me in relation to career. I finally secured a visa to work full time on Retro Flame in the US which allowed me to leave my job in March. I won’t lie the visa-process was a nightmare (putting in mildly) but it was probably my proudest moment to date when it all came through & I had finally made it happen. I’ve always and ever wanted to work for myself and I’m genuinely so so grateful to now be able to do it. I feel like I say the same thing at the beginning of every year, but I really do have a very good feeling about this year ahead. I’m more excited than ever to work hard and hopefully tick a few more things off my to-do list. Below is a quick overview of some things I’m hoping to achieve (3 big goals and a few other smaller ones):

-Publish at least 1-2 Youtube Videos per week
 If you were a Retro Flame Vlogmas fan, you’ll know that I really got into Youtube over the last month. I started my channel back in March just after I quit my job, but it was really only at the very end of the year that I finally conquered my fear of filming/editing and really got stuck in. In 2017, Youtube will be one of my very top priorities. Of course, I’ll be still blogging here on the site, but I also want to do at least 1-2 videos every single week.  There’s something about video which really excites me and I can’t wait to face into the challenge of it this year. If you haven’t already, I’d absolutely LOVE for you to subscribe to my channel HERE.

-Expand The Retro Flame Brand
I mentioned in a recent post that as much as I love working with other brands here on my site and of course, will continue to work with the brands I truly love and wear/use, I’m more focused than ever to keep expanding my own brand, Retro Flame. This year, I’ll continue to add new categories, useful content, more members to the Retro Flame team & will be really focusing in on the things I know you all love to see. I also have a surprise or two on the way too, so be sure to keep an eye out. Exciting times ahead!

-Do More & Learn More
Coming from a business background (I studied business in university and come from a very entrepreneurial family)  – ‘doing more’ is always on my mind. Business, in general, is probably my very biggest passion so 2017 will the year I’ll be launching and building a whole new brand/business. Obviously I can’t share lots of details just yet but let’s just say I haven’t been so excited about something in a while. Of course, Retro Flame won’t be going anywhere but I’m excited to have something new to keep me on my toes. The world really is our oyster and if we work hard enough, we can achieve absolutely anything we put our mind to so why not do it? Loads more to come on this, I promise.

Some Smaller (but also important) goals:
– Make every effort possible to respond to each and every comment, email & question. 
– Keep finding ways to get better at time-management. 
– Learn how to be a good leader.
– No comparing! You are you and that is your power. 


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I have a feeling most of us have the same idea when it comes to travel …continue to do more! In last years’ Dream 2016 post, I managed to tick about half the places off my travel list and this year I’m hoping to do even better. Below are 7 places I would LOVE to visit this year:

-Amalfi Coast, Italy

I truly believe that one of the most important decisions you make in life is about the people you decide to surround yourself with. The friends and relationships you have, have more of an impact on you than you probably even realize, so you have to make sure your closest circle is full of people who will support you and love you to the moon and back. Each year, this becomes more and more important to me.  I truly do believe that there’s a reason for every single person you meet/spend time with, but you always have to be very honest with yourself about who you need to keep in your life and who you need to let go of. The latter is never an easy thing to do, but sometimes the right decisions aren’t always the easy ones. When it comes to friends & relationships, if it doesn’t add to your life, it doesn’t belong in your life. But when you do find those right people, you should do everything in your power to hold onto them. Good people don’t come around that often, so this year I want to do everything in my power to make sure I appreciate the ones I love. I’m going to:

-Get better at keeping in contact with friends and family (I’m so so terrible at this)
-Spoil the people closest to me & celebrate even the smallest of achievements with them
-Say yes to spontaneous adventures
-Always trust that the ones who are supposed to be in your life, will always find a way


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And finally, probably the most important life area of all – health and well-being. If we learn to look after ourselves, it makes all those goals and plans even more achievable. Your health is your wealth and without it, you’re going nowhere so we all need to take a step back this week and truly ask ourselves what we can do this year to make sure we’re all on the right track. Below are some promises I’ve made myself:

– Regular check-ups. No excuses. 
– Make time for exercise at least 4 times a week. Again, no excuses. Not only will my body thank me but my mind will too.
– Take one weekend day OFF every week. This will be a hard one for me, but I’m really going to try.
– Take up a new hobby that has absolutely nothing to do with fashion/work. (Learning to play the piano is high on the list)
– Buy an ACTUAL alarm clock so that I can leave my phone in a different room each night.
– More water every day. STILL struggling with this goal, but I’ll continue to try until I conquer it.
– Do a digital detox 1 day each month. No phone/laptop for a FULL day. (This one scares the crap out of me but I also kind of love it.)

…and finally, stop worrying so much. What’s meant to be will always be and EVERY SINGLE THING happens for a reason.

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I truly wish you all a wonderful new year. I hope you conquer so many new goals, meet so many new people, see so many new places and most of all, surprise yourself. Life is to be lived and it would be more than a shame not to make the most of every single day we’re given.

Excited to share another year with you all!

Erika x


  1. Aoife

    3 January

    This post is such a breath of fresh air! You’ve inspired me to also make a list of thing I want to do/ achieve/ travel to. Loved reading this, you’re so motivational! <3

  2. Sarah

    3 January

    So inspiring ❤ I especially loved “No comparing! You are you and that is your power”.

  3. Aine

    3 January

    I’m hoping to go to Santorini this year too.
    You are a very inspirational girl. I am a mother of 3 teenage girls and think you are an amazing model for them of someone who looks classy, works hard and has high standards for yourself. Maith thú! Your mum must be so proud of you!

    • Margie

      5 January

      You said it exactly as I wanted to say. What a wonderful role model for my daughters to look to. “No comparing! You are you and that is your power.” Having a role model to help you be the best you is always appreciated. I love women who build each other up and not tear down! We need more of this!

  4. Anna

    3 January

    Erika I absolutely loved loved loved this post! Loved the quotes and sayings, loved the lists and goals and loved the positivity…well done girl! ❤️

  5. Lucy

    3 January

    The 2017 plans are so genuine and relatable! Stay real retro don’t change your personality xx

  6. Lucy

    3 January

    The 2017 plans are so genuine and relatable! Stay real retro don’t change your personality xx

  7. Donna

    3 January

    Erica that was so inspirational thank you . The reason I love your work is you are so real please don’t change . I see bloggers become so famous and then they seem to lose their way . I am Irish and watching you makes e do proud . I look forward to following you in the next year . Oh I absolutely loved your vlog miss by far the best of anyone. Good lunch in 2017 I know there are great things ahead for you . Also your sister is so sweet I know she’ll love me saying that ha ha but you two are so nice . Donna

  8. Bernzo

    3 January

    It is great to be organized for success. Good luck with your goals Erika…Bernadette

  9. L

    4 January

    This post is amazing! You’re like the queen of setting and expressing goals! There are a lot of sentences you wrote which I know see as quotes (mostly regarding friendships) to help me figure out some things.
    As someone who doesn’t have her health (chronically ill since I was 15, now 23) I want to say thank you for talking about “your health is your wealth” because it truly is! More people should realize this and I’m glad you realize this and perhaps some people who read your post will get it as well, so THANK YOU for pointing that out! I wish you an amazing 2017 & that all your dreams may come true ♡
    Lots of love, xoxo L

  10. Roseanna ruane

    4 January

    Love love love this post especially your health and wellbeing goals. I am so hearing you loud and clear!!.

    Only fell upon you recently and love your work. Wishing you a wonderful year full of all your dreams and goals.

    Roseanna x

  11. Emily

    4 January

    Excited to see how you will expand the Retro Flame brand xx

  12. Sinead

    4 January

    Love reading your posts and watching your snapchats! Your so fab! So inspiring xx

  13. Louise

    4 January

    Love this!

  14. Amy

    4 January

    Great post, I love your travel wishlist!
    Hope you have a fantastic year :)

  15. Michelle

    4 January

    Loved this New Year post. Can’t wait to see what else you have planned this year.

  16. Miss D

    4 January

    OMG! The entire post is so relatable. Happy New Year beautiful. May this year be the best in all means for you.
    xo, D

  17. Ann marie

    4 January

    Such a lovely post, you gave me lots of food for thought!its amazing all you’ve achieved given your age,well done!wishing you health and happiness for 2017 xxx

  18. Hayley

    4 January

    Hi Erika,
    This time last year I read your post ‘My Dream 2016’ and was so inspired that I sat down and wrote my own goals for the first time in my life (I’m in my 30s!). I went all out and aimed high. I was in a job a really didn’t love anymore and was not in a very happy place. I put the list out of my mind and continued with my life. I remebered it in July and checked back. It was incredible that I had done so many things off the list even though I had forgotten about it! Looking at it on NYE 2016 I couldn’t help but be full of emotion. I have made huge changes in my life. I now work for myself and am living my dream everyday. I really don’t think I would be where I am if I hadn’t taken your advice and sat down to plan my year and decide what I truely wanted. So, thank you Erika, I am forever grateful!!
    Hayley <3

  19. Karen

    4 January

    After a not so great ending to 2016 this post has inspired me to set my own goals for 2017! In fact it has actually made me excited for the year ahead! Happy New Year Erika and may all your dreams come true in 2017!x

  20. Paris

    4 January

    I absolutely love your ‘writing voice’. Your style and site are awesome, but the way you write truly resonates. Thank you for sharing your Dream 2017. Taking inspiration from this post for my own dream list and excited to watch you tick the boxes on yours. Happy new year Erika!!

  21. Kirsty

    4 January

    Amazing post, so motivating! I love to set goals for myself too and yours have given me some inspiration for others I want to add to mine! Xx

  22. Rebecca

    4 January

    LOVE these Erica!!
    I particularly loved your point about not comparing ourselves with others (which can feel so hard to do in todays media entrenched world)! Also your goal to buy an actual alarm clock hahahaha, I eventually did the same thing last year! A proper old school one which reminds me of school lunch bell… safe to say I jump out of that bed in the mornings now!

    All the best with your goals :) I’m sure you’ll smash them!

  23. Barbara Fitzgerald

    6 January

    Right I’m off to TK Maxx today to buy some notepads, an alarm clock and maybe some tea 😂 Erica you’re truly an inspiration 🙌🏼 Absolutely love reading your blog. Wishing you all the best for 2017. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.
    Now time to make some plans of my own. Thanks for the push 😘
    Babs xxx

  24. Andrea

    9 January

    Love these goals, good luck with achieving them! I’m sure you will – loved following your adventures in 2016.

    Andrea. xo

  25. Ashleigh

    13 January

    Love this post, a very inspiring and great January read! xo

  26. Sara

    16 January

    Read and found last years post so incredibly inspirational and so was this one. :) No comparing is truly the way to success and to stay positive and happy on your way there!

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