My Designer Handbag Collection

My Designer Handbag Collection

Hi guys, it’s Tuesday so you know what that means… another new video! This week I decided to do more of a fashion related video as I would love to start incorporating more fashion content into my Youtube videos. My love for fashion is what started Retro Flame at the beginning so I feel it’s fitting to get more into it on my channel too. I go through all my designer handbag purchases to date, chatting about the story behind each bag – where I bought it, how much it was and why I chose each one. I know designer pieces aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but a lot of you had been asking for more details about these purchases, so I figured it would be great to have it all together in one video. Hope you like!

Givenchy Antigona: HERE
YSL Monogram Crossbody: HERE
Chanel Boy Bag: HERE


  1. elaine

    30 January

    Absolutely fascinating!! Have never spent more than €500 on a bag but will make an effort to save for a big treat! The three you have are totally timeless, love them!

  2. Annie

    31 January

    Thanks for the video. I’m a fan of YSL <3

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