4 Tips On How To Dress For A Meeting

4 Tips On How To Dress For A Meeting


Happy Monday everyone, hope you all had a nice weekend! It’s so hard to believe that today is the last day of October – where is the time going!? I literally can’t keep up. Ever since I went full-time with Retro Flame, time just seems to go faster than ever – but I have a feeling this is probably a good sign. Thankfully, each week has been busier than the next and best of all, each week is so different from the last. I truly believe that when your work schedule keeps you on your toes and is the furthest thing from predictable – then that’s when you’ll love your job.



I love the days where I can just sit at my desk all all, uninterrupted (these are the days I’m most productive) but I also love my days where I’m out and about for meetings. On a typical meeting day, I’ll wake up at 7am, attack my emails and also finalise my blog post for that day. As soon as I have my ‘admin’ work done, I’ll get ready for any meetings I’ve scheduled and then work out the best way to get there. The longer I live in NYC, the more I want to be able to walk everywhere. I’ll put my hands straight up and say that I absolutely hate the subway. There’s no doubt about it that it’s the quickest and most cost-effective way to get around the city, but it stresses me out like no other. When I was in my 9-5 job last year, I would get the subway nearly every day to and from work and ever since I quit that job – I find myself avoiding the subway as much as I can. I guess it always just reminds me of the daily commute I used to do during that time of my life/career and since everything changed, I also wanted my travel routine to change. Of course, I still get the subway from time to time – I’d be 100% lost without it sometimes – but any time I can, I walk. I’m definitely guilty of being a huge Uber/Juno fan too, but during this time of year when the weather is perfect here in NYC, walking is what I aim to do most. Especially from one meeting to the next!



Photos by Tara Marzuki

Rockport Grey Pointed Toe Heels & Black Pointed Flats // Rag & Bone Jeans
W by Worth Blue Jacket // Jessica Buurman White Shirt // CLUSE Watch

Today’s look I’m showing you is a what I’d call ‘my go-to meeting’ look. Often when I’m just sitting at my desk, I’ll just be in jeans and a jumper but whenever I head out to meetings, I always always make an effort. Often, I’ll be meeting somebody for the very first time and seeing as I’m a big believer in the importance of first impressions, I know it’s worth putting in that extra little bit of effort when getting ready. Plus, I absolutely love getting dressed up and take any excuse to do so. When getting dressed for a meeting with someone I know I want to make a good impression on, so here are my 4 tips on how to dress for a meeting:

1. Wear clothes that make you feel instantly confident. For me, this means wearing something I absolutely love! If you love your outfit, you will ALWAYS have a better day :) Don’t wear something that’s too tight, don’t wear a jacket that should have been cleared out from your wardrobe a long time ago, don’t wear trousers that are too baggy on you…don’t wear anything that doesn’t make you feel 110% confident. When you feel good, you’ll look good.

2. Wear a colour you love! Sounds simple, but this always works for me. When I wear a colour that I know goes really nicely with my hair, it always makes me feel good. In this post, I’m wearing a blue/purple jacket and by adding in a pop of my favourite colour to my outfit gives both me and my outfit a boost!

3. Wear conversation-starting accessories. We all know meetings can be a little awkward from time to time and often involve quite a lot of small-talk, so why not create something to talk about. It’s so easy to compliment someone on their bag, necklace, sunglasses, etc. – and often, this can be the conversation ice-breaker. It’s happened me so many times in the past!



4. Finally, you need to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your shoes. We’ve ALL had that very embarrassing nearly-just-fell-straight-on-my-face-moment walking into an event, meeting, etc. So the shoes need to be good! You might remember a few months ago when I showed you (on snapchat) two new pairs of shoes I had just got in a package from American shoe-brand, Rockport. I briefly  showed you each pair and explained that the whole ethos behind their brand is well-made, quality shoes which you can ACTUALLY walk in. They’re a brand that wants you to look AND feel good without even a second thought. You’ll have seen me talk before about my love for comfortable shoes since moving to NYC, so after testing out the shoes over the past few months, I’m delighted to partner with Rockport on today’s post to share more about their designs. As I mentioned, I always want to look ‘put together’, even when I’m on the go, but I also need to actually be able to move – comfortably. Rockport just launched a brand new campaign called ‘Made for Movers’ and I just love the whole idea around it! So many of us lead busier lifestyles than ever and always seem to be told ‘to think on our feet’ but rarely ‘about them’. So that’s where Rockport comes in. Their designs are made with the customer in mind and each of their shoes focuses on stability, flexibility and lightness. I’m not lying when I say that these shoes feel like slippers. I’m pretty sure I could run a marathon in those grey heels and still feel OK :)



The two pairs I chose from the collection were the Grey Pointed Toe Heels and the Black Pointed Toe Flats. The grey heels are perfect when I want to wear a heel that’s not too high. I’m a little on the shorter side so I absolutely love wearing heels but sometimes, I just need to be realistic with heel-height here in NYC. I can’t tell you how perfect these are if you need to be on your feet all day. Oh and they come in loads of different colours too (here). When it comes to flats, I’m always a little wary. Why do the majority of flat shoes need to be ‘worn in’ so much before they stop cutting your ankles!? It’s just impossible to find a good pair. So when I chose this black pair from Rockport, I won’t lie, I didn’t have very high hopes. But thankfully, they surprised me. From the very first time I wore them, there was no ‘wearing-in’ process, just a comfortable and versatile pair of flats that go with everything. Really impressed! If you’re like me and are either always on the go or always on your feet, I promise you, your feet will thank you for checking out this brand. You can see their collection HERE.

Hope you all have a great week!

Stylishly Yours,
Erika x

*Huge thank you to ROCKPORT for partnering on this post.


  1. Dana

    31 October

    Loved this post and your tips!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  2. Elishia

    31 October

    I am so in love with those shoes :) they really add class and beauty to a relatively simple outfit. Do these tips work nicely for job interviews? Hopefully I’ll have plenty of them coming my way soon…

  3. Sarah Satongar

    31 October

    Love the jacket, the colour really suits you!

    Sarah |

  4. bella lauren

    4 November

    I love your whole look,best vintage outfit for meetings.Such a decent outfit.

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