#RetroFlameHomeNYC – The BEFORE Video

#RetroFlameHomeNYC – The BEFORE Video

Hello everybody and happy Thursday! So excited to share a sneak peek into my brand new apartment here in NYC and show you what the ‘before’ looks like. I’ve literally spent the week planning out the transformation and placing lots of furniture orders, but I wanted to show you what I’m working with first. I’m obsessed with watching apartment transformation videos on Youtube, so I thought it would be fun to do my own little series called #RetroFlameHomeNYC. It might hopefully give you guys some ideas too. There is A LOT of work to be done (some of those walls need to be whiter, haha!) so you’ll have to bear with me in the lead up to the ‘After’ video but I’ll be documenting everything in between over the next few weeks. I have quite a few DIY ideas, so I might even do seperate videos about them too. Oh and of course, for more instant updates, keep an eye on my Snapchat (retroflame1) and Instagram (@retroflame). I know it sounds so crazy, but I literally can’t stop smiling whenever I walk through the place – you’d actually swear I had just moved into a 14-bedroom mansion, haha! It’s far from the perfect apartment, but even the smallest improvements in NYC mean the absolute world. I couldn’t be more excited to get settled in!

Hope you like the video!
Erika x


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