Instagram Stories – My Thoughts?

Instagram Stories – My Thoughts?


Ok, so just as I got into bed last night, I did my usual last check of Instagram (and my million other apps)…and noticed something different. These tiny circles at the top of my feed? I had read an article about the new ‘Instagram Story’ feature earlier in the day yesterday, but to be honest, didn’t take much notice until I actually saw the update come into effect in my app. So I started watching each story and began to think OK, this could actually be a thing now? If at the end of the year, there is an award for the shadiest move in Social Media…we all know who’s getting it but at the same time, you have give props to Instagram to bringing the attention back to it’s corner (for the time being anyway). Being very honest, over the past few weeks, I was really starting to lose interest in Instagram. Since coming back from my travels, posting even one photo a day was a bit of an effort for me (my usual used to be 3) and I just didn’t like how curated, fake and filtered the whole thing had become. Hence…my HUGE love for Snapchat. I love love love Snapchat. I love how easy-going, interactive and most of all, how REAL it is and I think I’m not alone on this one. So I guess, in order to bring that ‘realness’ back into Instagram (the app where people mainly post the ‘highlights’ of their lives, not the stuff inbetween), Instagram needed to do something and so they did. They’ve gone and taken the whole idea of snapchat, where you can post 10-second stories from your day that disappear after 24 hours, and added it to their own app. So yes, they’ve gone and more or less copied Snapchat. I read an article where the CEO of Instagram admitted that, “Snapchat deserves all the credit”, but that they had ‘re-modeled’ it in a way that suits their platform. A low-blow, yes, but also a pretty smart move from a business perspective.

So overall, I’m intrigued. This is quite different to my usual posts here on Retro Flame, but instead of chatting about it for ages on Twitter, I wanted to share my thoughts here. As you know, I worked full-time as a Social Media Manager for a fashion brand before going full-time with Retro Flame, so I’m very interested to see what all this means for bloggers, brands and social media users alike. So what are my initial thoughts? It is VERY early to fully judge as it’s still all just taking shape, but below are the main pro’s and con’s I can see so far:

My favourite snapchatters - Best people on snapchat


  1. Everything could now all possibly be in one place. The two main apps I use on a daily basis are Instagram & Snapchat, so if Instagram Stories do end up taking off, I guess this means that I’ll be able to share both my ‘highlights’ and ‘inbetweens’ in one place.
  2. For the people who follow you on Instagram that don’t follow you on Snapchat (I’m ‘retroflame1’ by the way), they’ll now be able to see the ‘real’ you on Instagram every day. And as somebody pointed out on Twitter will now be able to see if you are actually drinking all those ‘skinny teas’. (Day MADE before 8am, haha!)
  3. It’s another place to build an audience. If you’re liked on Snapchat, this may mean you can now build a more engaged following on Instagram and this in turn will hopefully help you to keep growing. But don’t forget that it could also have the opposite effect, if you’re annoying as hell – not matter how pretty your pictures are, you’ll be getting the chop.



    1. My main issue with all of this is, why should I now have to watch stories from people I would NEVER actually follow on Snapchat? The fact that the two were seperate worked pretty well for me. I loved following the creative, pretty accounts on Instagram and then used snapchat for following the funny, inspiring and interesting people I love to see on a daily-basis. Merging the two is definitely a little confusing. We all CHOSE who we wanted to see every day on Snapchat, but now are forced to watch everyone on Instagram. I don’t know about you, but I seriously don’t have time for that.
    2. Will people even care about the actual pictures on Instagram anymore? It’s 9am, I’ve been up for 2 hours and I still haven’t looked at one picture in my Instagram feed. I watched some stories at the top when I woke up and then moved on. This change means there is now a lot of content to consume in one place and my worry is that it will just be too much for people.
    3. Inevitably, until people figure out what the hell is going on and how they are supposed to be using this new feature, I really feel like there is going to be a lot of repition. We’re going to be seeing very similar (if not the exact same) things on both Snapchat and Instagram stories and there’s no doubt that this will be very annoying. Personally, I woke up this morning thinking, OK so should I post on my Instagram story or my Snapchat story first? Should I show both sets of followers the same thing or just show one? Will one set be annoyed if I don’t show them? It’s ALL VERY CONFUSING.


My favourite snapchatters - Best people on snapchat

But that’s life, right? Nothing is ever set in stone and the next big change is always just right around the corner. So you just have to embrace it! The big question everyone is asking is, is this the end of Snapchat? Personally, I really hope not. As I said, I have a very big soft spot for Snapchat. It’s the platform that really let so many of you get to know me and I love the little community we have there. Snapchat was the original and I think I’ll find it very hard to ever fully move away from it. Yes, I’ll 100% be testing out Instagram Stories (starting today, if you want to keep an eye out @retroflame) but I definitely won’t be saying goodbye to Snapchat anytime soon. I mean, not until that miracle-working, butterfly filter goes away anyway. Haha!

So tell me, what do you think?? Snap me (retroflame1), Instasnap me, tweet me…whatever! I’m all ears!

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Have a great Wednesday!

Erika x


  1. I couldn’t agree more with all of your pros and cons. I kinda like the idea of reaching more people on IG, but I cannot believe how many stories are on my feed now! It’s almost too much!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  2. Right there with you- I posted on my instagram story and snapchat story. But I follow different people on each platform- some overlap, but I only follow about 40 people on snapchat for a reason… I don’t need to see everyone’s day but do like to see the highlight real of what is going on in everyones lives… We shall see!

  3. Lindsay

    5 August

    Thanks for your opinion Erika. If Instagram and Snapchat were both real life friends I wouldn’t be able to hang with Insta at the moment because of their shadiness. BUT business is business and at the end of the day if I could go to one app as opposed to two that would streamline my day.

    Insta still needs to work on filtering stories, filters and the ‘fun’ aspect of stories like the stickers, filters, etc.

    For now we definitely will see a lot of repetition so, lets see!

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