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On my recent trip to Vegas, you may remember that my flight home ended up getting cancelled. It was 6am at the airport (I had gotten an hour sleep the night before) so as you can imagine, I was STRESSED. The reason I was so stressed though was because a cancelled flight meant that I wouldn’t make it back to New York in time for an event I had been looking forward to for so long. I had planned my Vegas trip down to a tee so I would be back in NYC on time to attend the FIJI Water #FIJIFit event at Barry’s Bootcamp and I was more than determined not to miss it. So I literally begged my way onto a different flight, my bag somehow made it too (the help desk guy had Irish relatives so I think he had a soft spot for me) and I jumped into a taxi which brought me straight from the airport to the event – with a minute to spare! What a day!! I still don’t even know how I had the energy to do the workout but I was just so so happy that I had made it.

Fiji Water has always been a favourite of mine. I mean, look at that bottle! So pretty! So when they teamed up with Barry’s Bootcamp to launch their new 700ml bottle, I knew it would be such a fun event to be a part of. Barry’s Bootcamp is a really intense bootcamp/circuit style workout that I had been wanting to try since I moved to New York…and I genuinely think I’m now hooked. What a workout!! It’s absolutely terrifying (ok that may be a bit dramatic, but I was VERY nervous) but it’s the kind of workout where you leave and you literally feel like you can conquer the world. If you can do that, you can do anything! I had just come off a 6 hour flight with one hour sleep the night before and I genuinely had so much energy leaving the class. It 100% helped with my jetlag the next day and I felt so much more positive overall. So the whole thing got me thinking….


If one quick hour like that can have such an impact on my mood and energy levels, then I need to keep on doing it. We ALL know exercise gives us more energy, but what this class taught me is that some exercise gives a lot more energy than others. I think because I pushed myself more than usual (I promise you it’s no easy workout) I left feeling like I had really accomplished something and I guess, was proud of myself. This in turn made me feel great! So ever since that class and coming back from my travels, I’ve made a big effort to add things into my day which make me feel better. I was so exhausted before I went to Vegas and I just knew something had to change. So after a week of testing some new things out & finding ones that work, I wanted to share them with you too. Here are 5 ways to have more energy:


1. Exercise: So as mentioned above, adding an hour of exercise into my day 3-4 times a week has helped so so much. But it has to be the type of exercise that makes you feel proud, you can’t forget that part. Going to the gym and doing a half-assed 30 minute workout isn’t going to cut it. You really need to push yourself because that’s when you’ll see the biggest effect. Proving to yourself that you can do something puts you in a whole different mind-frame and makes everything else you need to do that day much more achievable. So don’t be afraid to switch up your exercise routines and really push the boundaries.

2. Water: I’ll 110% put my hands up and say I am absolutely terrible at remembering to drink water. While I was travelling, I was especially bad and I really noticed the effect when I came back to New York. I was probably drinking about 500ml of water at most every day. SO bad!! So ever since the Fiji Water #FIJIFIT event, I now aim to drink 3 of their 700ml bottles each day. I really like this size as they’re not too heavy to carry around. I try to drink one in the morning, one in the afternoon and then I don’t let myself go to sleep at night until my 3rd bottle is gone. That’s over 2L which meets my goal. Breaking it up into stages like that has really helped and I’ve already noticed myself waking up so much easier in the mornings.

3. Reduce Stress: I’m never going to pretend I’m a laid-back person. Sometimes, I would love to be but it’s just not the way my mind works. I’m go-go-go all the time and as you can imagine, this definitely takes it’s toll. I want to do everything and when I can’t do things fast enough, it stresses me out like no other. And what happens as a result? I run out of energy. Every single time. So what I’m trying to teach myself is that I just need to take a step back every now and again and really examine exactly what’s stressing me out. I now write down everything – everything that’s worrying me & every single thing that needs to get done by the end of the week. By moving these from a muddled mind onto paper honestly makes the world of a difference for me. Then as I begin to tick each thing off the list, I feel the stress decreasing which in turn leads to me feeling much more productive and energetic. So as hard as it can be to take a step back, we all need to do it from time to time.

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4. Stop Skipping Meals: I know some people will look at this one and think how the hell could she forget to eat a meal? But ever since I’ve gone full-time with Retro Flame and don’t have a set schedule every day, I very often completely forget to have my meals. There were days where I would be so concentrated on a project that I would totally forget to have lunch. It would be 7pm and I wouldn’t have eaten since 8am that morning. And I wondered why I was so tired? Our body needs good food in order to have energy, so we need to be good to it. Skipping a meal is just not an option and I have learned that the hard way. Now no matter how busy I am, or how late I am to a meeting, I stop for just 5-10 minutes and have something to eat. So if you’re someone who doesn’t like breakfast, for example, just try it for a week and see how you feel. I guarantee you will have more energy!

5. Sleep and Rest: Finally, in order to have more energy, we need more rest. Sounds simple, right? But I really don’t think a lot of us truly understand the importance. If I have stuff to do, I sacrifice rest. Simple as. For the last few weeks, I’ve worked on the weekends and honestly didn’t think much of it. I knew I had things to do so I just wanted to get them done. But what happened? Before long, I totally burned out. After working both Saturday and Sunday after an already busy week, as soon as Monday comes around, I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. Nobody is productive when they’re burned out. So personally, this is the one I’m working on most. I’m trying my best to be in bed by 12am (which is an improvement for me) and then promising myself that I will take at least 1 day off at the weekends. It hasn’t happened just yet, but I’m working on it. I know for a fact it will make such a huge difference. Rest and fun stuff make us happy people and happy people have more energy. A simple but very true way of putting it.

So there you have it! My 5 ways to have more energy. Everyone has their own tips & tricks, but these are the ones I know will definitely benefit me and the ones I really want to focus on. I hope they might help some of you too and definitely let me know in the comments below or on Snapchat (retroflame1) what you find works well for you.

Have a great week!

Stylishly Yours,

(p.s. If you fancy a) signing up to FIJI Water home-delivery, you can use the code ‘FIT’ to get 25% off or b) signing up to a free Fiji Water x Barry’s Bootcamp Class in NYC/LA, just sign up HERE. Have fun!)

*Huge thank you to Fiji Water for partnering on this post.



  1. Great post! I really need to take on board these tips and feel like they would really help me out xx

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