Ireland Photo Diary – June ’16

Ireland Photo Diary – June ’16

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Hello everyone! If you follow me on any of my social media channels, you’ll know that I’ve spent the past two weeks back home in Ireland. When you live away from home, coming home really is the biggest treat of all and this trip was especially good due to the AMAZING weather I had! Ireland in the sunshine is something which is VERY hard to top! As always, the time absolutely flew by and as I’m writing this on my way to Dublin to host tonight’s event, I really can’t believe the trip has already come to an end. I always promise that I’ll take a little break when I come home but it seems I’ve yet to keep this promise, haha! As soon as I arrive back in Kerry – I just seem to go into planning-mode and want to squeeze in as much as possible.


The first week of my trip were spent at home in Kerry and I honestly just loved every minute. Although I was still working, it was just so lovely to be able to wake up (to peace & quiet), go downstairs to make myself a coffee and just enjoy the views that I took for granted for so long. Growing up in the countryside in Kerry definitely had it’s pro’s & con’s but I now appreciate it a million times more when I come home. I love cities and I live for the hustle & bustle – hence why I moved to New York – but coming home to the quietness and I guess, just ‘getting away’ from everything literally keeps me sane, haha! My life in both places couldn’t be more different but I’m so grateful to be able to experience both. You’ll know from my snapchat (retroflame1) that I had an issue or two (haha -understatement!!) with the wifi while I was home  but as I said, you just have to take the good with the bad. One day I even had to drive down to my local village just so the 3G would work on my phone – so apologies about the decreased number of blog posts this week. I always find in the Summer and especially when I travel, I blog a little less than usual – but instead, I share a lot more on my social channels. So feel free to follow along on my Instagram (@retroflame) & Snapchat (@retroflame1) before my next set of my travels start tomorrow.


I mentioned in My Summer Travels post that the main purpose of this trip home was for my sister’s 21st birthday and I couldn’t be happier that I was able to make it. What a night! Kaelin is the biggest perfectionist you’ll ever come across (we all got it from my Mom) so the whole party turned out so stunning! She went with all black, white & gold decor and I absolutely loved the white cape dress she wore. We definitely love our party-planning in the Fox household :)


My new thing now when I come home is to really make a big effort to see more of Ireland. When you live here, you don’t even realise how stunning it is so I’m determined to see every part! I have a big bucketlist of sight-seeing things I still have left to do, but I’m getting through it slowly by surely. This trip allowed me to tick off one more – A boatrip to the Skellig Islands here in Kerry. I still can’t believe I had never done this!  We got the boat from Portmagee (right by the Moorings) and the trip took about 3 hours in total. Any Starwars fans will be familiar with the Skellig Michael – as part of the movie was recently filmed there. The whole trip is honestly just breathtaking and I couldn’t recommend it enough if you’re in Kerry! I’m dying to do a full roadtrip around Ireland to see places like the Giants Causeway & more, so fingers crossed I will make this happen next Summer!


For Kaelins actual birthday (we had the party the weekend before) we headed off to Dublin to Forbidden Fruit music festival. Kaelin absolute loves festivals so the timing of this worked out perfectly! The girls came along too and it was so nice to catch up with everyone on the day. I absolutely loved these new distressed shorts I wore!  We stayed at my favourite Dublin hotel, The Westbury, Friday & Saturday night and as always, every single thing about our time there was amazing. I am fully obsessed with nice hotels and honestly, it’s very hard to top the Westbury. As soon as you walk in the door, you are surrounded by luxury. The more I’m staying there during my trips home, the more I’m getting to know the lovely hotel staff and I just cannot praise them enough. Joseph, the Guest Relations manager, is just one of a kind and goes above & beyond in every single situation. They surprised Kaelin with a birthday treat in our room when we arrived and also made us the most stunning cake for her birthday! We genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!


If there’s one thing you’ll always be guaranteed from my trips home, it’s a million & one photos from my local beach, Rossbeigh. I just can’t help myself! Seeing as the weather was stunning while I was home and I spent more time there than ever, I think I actually captured some of my favourite photos yet. Rossbeigh will always & ever be my number 1.


Overall, it was definitely another trip to remember! As well as catching up with friends and family & doing as much sight-seeing as possible, I also had a chance to squeeze in some fun events. On Tuesday night, I was in CH Chemist in Tralee hosting an Estee Lauder event and tonight, I’ll be in Dublin hosting a fun Elle Belle Fit event where 10 of you will be coming along. Being able to meet some of you while I’m home is always my favourite part so a huge thank you for always being so supportive of any event I’m involved in. It’s looking like my next trip home will be at Christmas, unless something comes up in the meantime, but I definitely have enough great memories to keep me going until then.

Tomorrow I head off to Dominican Republic and then from there I’ll be going straight to California to do a roadtrip from LA to San Francisco. So LOTS of photos & updates to come on my Instagram (@retroflame) & Snapchat (@retroflame1).

Have a wonderful weekend!

Stylishly Yours,
Erika x

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