Why I’m going traveling for 6 weeks + where ...

Why I’m going traveling for 6 weeks + where I’m off to!





Photos by Christina Emilie

Zara White Shirt Dress (Similar) // H&M Leather Jacket (Similar) // Steve Madden Boots
Givenchy Antigona Bag // Ilesteva Boca Sunglasses // Black Bandana


One last outfit post from NYC before I leave her for 6 weeks to tick a few more places off my bucket list. Last weekend, I stayed at The Carlton Hotel and because it’s located in one of my favourite areas of the city – Flatiron – I made sure to shoot some photos. The weather was also absolutley perfect! I currently live in the Upper East Side here in New York which I absolutely love but being in this area for a whole weekend made me realise that I would 100% move there. Over the last few weeks, with my travels coming up, I’ve been adding more & more pieces to my Summer wardrobe and this white shirt dress is one of them. I picked it up in Zara but I found some similar versions for you Here & Here. Literally one of the easiest pieces to wear! Also, a lot of you ask me about these sunnies I got a few months ago. They’re from a brand called Illesteva and the style I have are the ‘Boca’. Is it weird that my favourite thing about Summer is sunglasses? Haha! I LOVE them!



So as I’ve mentioned, today is my last day in NYC for a little while. This is my 4th Summer in New York (which is so crazy by the way) and by now, I have learned that the Summer heat & humidity here don’t seem to get on very well with my pale, red-headed self. So I knew that Summer was the perfect time for me to do a little travelling outside of New York. Last year, while I was still working in a full-time marketing job, I had the grand total of 10 holiday days (for the WHOLE year) – so as you can imagine, my travel opportunities were a little limited. So as soon as I made the leap to full-time blogging, I promised myself that this would be the Summer I would finally tick some more places off my bucket list. The travel bug has really hit me hard this year (I blame you, San Franscisco & Coachella) and the wanderlust just isn’t stopping. Probably THE best thing about blogging is that I literally can work from anywhere as long as I have my laptop, phone & a wifi connection – so where ever I go, my work can come too and this is something I’m determined to make the most of.

You may have seen my blog post back in January all about ‘My Dream 2016’ – where I wrote a list of everything I wanted to do this year. It was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done because every time I go back to it, it gives me the push to keep planning. I definitely can be guilty of planning to do things for so long and then coming up with some sort of excuse, but this year (& that post) have really changed my perspective. There will ALWAYS be obstacles, always. Time off, money, family, the list goes on….but look at it like this, you only have one shot to do it. None of us know what’s around the corner, so you have to do as much as you can, while you can. And you know, it mightn’t happen today or tomorrow, but it will happen eventually once you start planning, saving & researching. One of the trips I’m doing this Summer is honestly one I’ve been planning for years and I can’t believe it’s actually happening.


So where am I off to? Well to be honest, it was never really my plan to do all these trips at once but it has just kind of worked out that way and I’m honestly so happy it did. I managed to sublet my room here in New York to a lovely Irish girl (through snapchat, would you believe!) for the next month so once I had that confirmed, I figured why not just keep going from one destination to the next. It would genuinely work out cheaper overall! So first up later on today is good ol’….Ireland :) This was a trip that was planned for ages (even before I found out about my last trip in April) because Saturday night is my sisters 21st at our house in Kerry! I only have one sister, so I didn’t want to miss this. I’ve missed a lot of her birthdays because I’ve been here in New York during the Summers, so I promised her no matter where I was in the world, I’d be home for her 21st. So I leave later today and arrive back in Kerry very early tomorrow (Friday) morning. I know I was just recently home, but the novelty & excitement just never ever wear off. I can already see the drawer full of Dairy Milk, haha!

So we have Kaelin’s 21st Saturday night and then I’m actually going to be home for another week & a half after that before we all head off on a family holiday together. Ever since I was little, we’ve loved our family holidays so we tend to plan them really far in advance each year to make sure we all set aside the time. Both Kaelin & I have lived away from home for a while now, so the Summer holiday gets us all back together. You might have remembered that last year, we travelled around the South of France and now this year, we’re finally making a trip to The Caribbean. SO frickin exciting!! We did loads and loads of research and in the end, we went with an all-inclusive resort in The Dominican Republic. I’m literally counting down the days!


Then the original plan after that was to come back to New York for a few days before heading to my next destination, but once I subletted my room, I changed my mind. At the end of June, I’m going to be going to VIDCON, which is a big youtube conference that takes place close to LA, so instead of coming back to New York – I decided to fly straight from The Dominican Republic to LA and explore the city for the week before. I spent half a day in LA after Coachella and I just knew there & then that I needed to come back for longer. So I arrive in LA on June 17th, VIDCON goes on from the 23rd-25th and then my friend, Ciara, is flying to meet me… to do a RAODTRIP from LA to San Francisco!!! I am finally doing it!!! This is the one I have been planning for years! We are going to drive up along the coast (San Diego, Santa Barbara, Carmel by the Sea, The Big Sur & more!) over the space of a week and end up in San Francisco. We’ll be picking up Lorna (& of course, Tommy, haha!) in SF and spending 4th of July weekend in Lake Tahoe – which is just a short drive from San Francisco. I still have loads of planning to do for the Cali trip so I would absolutely LOVE any recommendations from anyone who has done the roadtrip before. I honestly still can’t believe this is all actually happening and I more than likely have packed all the wrong things, but the main thing is that it’s happening and I could probably burst with excitement. It’s funny, I’m such a planner and always have everything mapped out – but I have a feeling this Summer will 100% be a go-with-the-flow type of one. So although I’m a bit nervous, I also just can’t wait to see how it all goes. Once that travel bug hits, it’s a VERY hard thing to ignore so I’m just going to go with it this Summer and hopefully have lots of fun stories & pictures for you along the way.

So next stop….Ireland! I may be doing another event while I’m home this time, so keep an eye out on my snapchat (retroflame1) and Instagram (@retroflame) incase you’d like to come along.

Have a lovely Thursday & to anyone who is heading off on their travels too – ENJOY!
Erika x


  1. I did the La to San Fran Roadtrip last year and it was THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!! You will love it. Stop off at Monteray and go to the Mucky Duck, HILARIOUS. Santa Barbara was my fav! Best of Luck! x

  2. Emily

    26 May

    Huntington/Newport Beach is definitely somewhere you have to stop off on the roadtrip up to San Fran! :)

  3. Your summer is going to be amazing Erika!! I hope you have a great fly!!!

    Messy Blonde | Bloglovin

  4. This outfit is so cute and I’m jealous of all your travels! This year I started a new job and so far no vacation in sight, which is kind of getting me down because at my old job I would always have June off to travel (unfortunately that wasn’t enough to make me stay).

  5. Sher

    26 May

    ooh have fun! i’ve always wanted to do the PCH drive. i just got back from grenada in the caribbean – you should look at that for your next island getaway, it was FAB. i did a little travel guide recap on my blog, would love if you checked it out!


  6. Dana

    26 May

    This is SO exciting! I wish I had the ability to travel like this – maybe one day! ;) Can’t wait to follow along!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  7. Aisling

    26 May

    I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to follow along on Snapchat and here! I’ll be finishing off my masters so no holiday for me this year so I will be living vicariously through you haha! Have a ball and safe travels x

  8. Hayley

    26 May

    Omg! Your road trip sounds so exciting! I went last year to San Fran, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite then to Death Valley, Las Vegas and the last stop was New York! It was so much fun and Lake Tahoe was beautiful! I definitely recommend going on one of there hike trails and getting ice cream on the way! Also kayaking and paddle boarding is available at the lake! 😊 Have an incredible trip!

  9. Sarah

    26 May

    Wow Erika sounds amazing!! How on earth have you packed for all those places?! Good work! Looking forward to following along on snapchat 😊

  10. Rachael

    26 May

    I did that trip last year, it’s amazing! Make sure and stop in Nepenthe restaurant on the big Sur coastal drive, and ask the locals where pheiffer beach is (they take down the signs for it because it’s so beautiful they don’t want loads of tourists going there), salt water Taffy and caramel apples in Monterey 😍 Get bikes and cycle the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! We did Yosemite too which is just amazing, you should try visit there too. Have loads of fun X

  11. Holly Duff

    27 May

    I am sooo jealous of your roadtrip, that is in my bucket list and I will eventually get to it (I hope) Really hope you have a fantastic time!

  12. Rachel

    27 May

    Erika, you’re gonna have a fab summer!! What a plan!

    The roadtrip idea is class. My bf & I did a similiar roadtrip last month.
    I started writing recently, and my first post details every part of it (our driving route, stops, cost etc!)
    (It might provide some inspo for your trip: )

    Enjoy! :)

  13. Oh Ireland, even though I have been living in UK for almost 2 years i’ve never been in Ireland and it’s my dream. I hope you will enjoy your traveling and will share your journey with us.
    P.S. Snapchat rules the World x
    Yukova Blog by Yuliya Oleynykova

  14. How exciting! This sounds like such a fun vacation; I hope you have a great time!


  15. Edel

    30 May

    Amazing, so so jealous of your California trip!
    I drove from San Diego to San Francisco a few summers ago with friends, BEST time of my life… Santa Cruz is stunning as well, make sure to pitstop there!

    Would LOVE to be self employed like you – The dream!


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  17. Amanda McCarthy

    15 June

    Oh my god this is the most exciting trip ever! Gas that you found an Irish girl on snapchat to take your room! Cant wait to see the rest of your travel snap stories!

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