Sunglass Hut Shoot


Photo by Scott Brasher

Happy Thursday everyone! I just wanted to quickly share this photo from a recent shoot with Sunglass Hut. As you know, I am sunglasses obsessed (if you are too, look out for tomorrow’s post) so when they asked me to shoot with them, of course I said yes. It was a gold themed shoot and ended up being such a fun day! They used some of the photos on their Instagram and I love how they turned out.


I often get questions from readers asking why I’m nearly always wearing sunglasses and there are a few answers to this question. A) I have the world’s most watery/sensitive eyes (apparently common if you’re a redhead) so I literally never leave my apartment without them. b) I live in New York – a city where you’re lucky to get 5/6 hours sleep every night, so yes, sunglasses have definitely become my best friend. They hide my very tired eyes and I love them for that, haha! And lastly, they’re genuinely my favourite accessory to wear. I’m not really a big jewellery person, so I guess, sunglasses are what I wear instead and I’m slowly beginning to build up a nice collection. Ever since I invested in my first pair of Celine’s (I have the Caty ones which you have seen A LOT of on Snapchat – retroflame1) I actually think I may now love wearing sunglasses even more! Below are some other pairs I have my eye on too – how AMAZING are the Victoria Beckham black pair? She can do no wrong!



What is your favorite sunglasses brand? Let me know in the comments below!

Hope you’ve had a nice Thursday!

Stylishly Yours,
Erika x

  1. Jessi

    3 December

    You should look at Krewe sunglasses. I just got a pair and they are very high quality. Their packaging is so luxe feeling too.

  2. A girl after my own heart! Sunglasses are truly a necessity, these photos look so lovely. Youre pretty lucky to have captured the fun you were having on camera

  3. Oh my God Erika, this could be a magazine ad it’s that beautiful! You look like an absolute ridebag :)

  4. Siobhan

    4 December

    WOW, such a beautiful shot! Well done you look beautiful

  5. Beautiful photos, the sunglasses are amazing and I love the gold accents!

  6. clara

    7 December

    Ohhh stunning sunglasses!

  7. […] Last week’s sunglasses post emphasized my love for this accessory and they’re honestly the best gift. I purchased my […]

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