Thank you, New York.









Photos by Christina Emilie taken in Long Island City

Ashley B NY Faux Fur Gilet (Similar) // Black Jeans // French Connection Boots // Celine Sunglasses

Being Irish, Thanksgiving is a whole new holiday for me but one I’m 100% behind. This time last year, my sister was also living here and we were on our way upstate to have dinner with family. Fast forward a year and I’m about to get ready for a big friendsgiving dinner with a great group of friends I didn’t even know a year ago. A lot has happened this past year. A lot of good stuff. New York has thrown a million and one ups and downs at me over the past 12 months but I couldn’t be more thankful for all it has taught me.


Of course, it has taught me endless lessons in relation to my career and work. I definitely still don’t have it all figured out, but if this past year has shown me one thing, it’s that when you find something that ensures you wake up every single morning genuinely feeling excited about what you’re about to work on that day, you’re already successful. Finding something you love doing and taking the chance to make it happen is something you will never regret. But more than that, New York has taught me to dream a little bigger. If you whole-heartedely want to do something here, there is not one single thing that will get in your way. Anything is possible and I’m thankful to this city for proving that. And finally, the biggest lesson of them all from this past year is to appreciate every single good person in your life. These ‘good people’ are undoubtedly hard to come by, but when you find them, you just know. Living away from my best friends and family at home has made me appreciate them a MILLION times more and has also made me extremely grateful for the amazing group of ‘new’ friends I have here in New York. I find it crazy that I didn’t even know so many of them this time last year but, so unbelievably thankful to have them here with me in NYC. The fun times would be nothing without friends to share them with, so thank you, New York, for the introduction.

Wherever in the world you’re reading this from, thank you! Thank you for taking 5 minutes every day/week/month to visit this site of mine. You’ll probably never realize just how thankful I am for your continued support.

Hope you’re all having an amazing week!

Stylishly Yours,
Erika x


  1. Bernzo

    26 November

    Good woman Erika, thanks for keeping me entertained. Happy TG

  2. Aishling

    26 November

    Happy Thanksgiving Erika!

  3. Deirdre

    26 November

    Thank you for being inspiring Erika, Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. I love all the texture in your outfit! Hope you have a good friendsgiving x

  5. Nadine

    1 December

    I discovered you on Instagram yesterday and I am already totally in love with your style, photos and just everything! :) I really like the outfit you are wearing in those pictures.
    Love, Nadine <3

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