Lessons Learned in NYC #2

Lessons Learned in NYC #2


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Happy Sunday everyone! Back at the end of September, I did a blog post all about my lessons learned in NYC, after my first month living here. You guys seemed to really enjoy it (see it HERE – incase you missed it) and now two months later, I’m ready to share the next edition. Trust me when I say that there has been MANY more lessons learned since then! New York is like an intense crash course in life. I can’t seem to get my head around the fact that I’ve been living here for over three months and that it’s now nearly Christmas! Please say time is going as quickly for you guys? But although it has gone very fast, I’ve loved every single crazy second. Here’s a look at some more tips & tricks this city has taught me…

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1. Manhattan is a lot smaller than you’d think. It IS possible to randomly bump into somebody you actually know….and it’s the best feeling ever when it happens.

2. For the rest of my life, I want to be in New York from October until Christmas. Mainly for two reasons…Central Park & that feeling I get strolling down Fifth Avenue during the lead up to Christmas. Both places make you feel like you’re in a movie…every single time. I’ve never been so in love with one place at one time in my whole entire life. Also, being away from home makes you SO much more excited for Christmas.

3. Always have a back up plan. Whether it’s a subway-delay or a money-emergency, you always need to be thinking on your feet here in New York. Have savings for that rainy day (or that smashed iphone situation -pro tip: The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue opens 24 hours a day) and never get too comfortable in any type of situation. There’s always a million other ambitious New Yorker’s waiting to replace you.

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4. Irish people are like magnets. I seem to have made more new Irish friends in the last few months than I have in the last year at home….& I’m definitely not complaining. Us Irish are in a league of our own. I’ve come to appreciate our humour, general ‘banter’ and down-to-earth personalities more than ever before. You can take us out of Ireland, but…

5. Your fridge will be the cleanest part of your apartment…because it will always be empty! Cooking just isn’t a thing here in New York (thank God, because I’d probably burn down my poor little apartment).

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6. Rush Hour on the subway will be the bane of your life.

7. Anywhere outside of Manhattan is a breath of fresh air…literally. If one more person blows cigarette smoke into my face (or anywhere near me) on my morning walk to work, I may just crack! When I go home to Ireland for Christmas, I’m literally spending a whole day at my local beach…just breathing. It’s the little things.

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8. You can never have enough REAL friends in New York. Even though it’s a city full to the brims of young, like-minded people, you’ll always need that close-knit group of friends who you can really trust. Those friends you can call up at any time of the day to complain about your annoying boss, the five flights of seriously steep stairs in your apartment building (true story) or the fact that you just spent all your rent money on brunch & shoes. These are the friends that will understand you perfectly because they’re going through the exact same situations themselves. I’ve definitely made friends for life here in New York.

9. But you’ll also need those friends at home…who you can talk to about everything else. Whatever it is about moving away, it makes you appreciate certain people a million times more. As cliche & cringey as it sounds, you really only figure out who you truly care about when you can no longer see them every day/week. This is definitely one of the best lessons traveling has taught me so far.


10. And lastly, New York has taught me that everything works out in the end. It may bring you the roundabout way, but things always have a way of sorting themselves out here. I mentioned in my last post about Lessons Learned in NYC , mini breakdowns happen very regularly here in New York (Yes, tears in public still happen now & again), but you know what? It all just makes us that little bit tougher and really makes us appreciate the good times even more. I recently wrote a post about ‘Serendipity’ (after watching the movie) and have come to realize that everything really does happen for a reason. If you can brave all the bad days in New York, it will reward you with days better than you could ever imagine. New York, I still love you!


All photos are from my @retroflame Instagram
“New York. It puts a spell on you.”

So as I mentioned, I’m heading home to Ireland for Christmas (which I’m so excited about) and then I’m back to New York for another 9 months and hopefully longer. I get embarrassingly excited when I think about all the things that can happen throughout my next chapter here in NYC. I don’t know why but I have such a good feeling about 2015 and I really can’t wait to get stuck in! But in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy all the Christmas festivities here in New York…there’s lots of shopping (and eating) to be done!

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Hope you’ve all had a lovely Tuesday!

Stylishly Yours,

Erika x


  1. The Fashion Horn

    30 November

    Wow, your lief seems so exciting at the moment – go you! Can’t wait to hear about it all when you are a real insider in New York. I’ve never been there but at sale time I always order something from Saks Fifth Avenue and it is always packaged so beautifully, I can’t image how pretty it must actually be. Fly the fly for us Irish Erika! x

  2. The Fashion Horn

    30 November

    life, not life!

  3. Aishling Browne

    30 November

    Really enjoyed reading this blog post Erika! Agreed about the Irish thing.. we really are like magnets wherever we go! x

  4. Sarah Ann Hanrahan

    30 November

    I remember that smoking problem so well; people blowing it in your face, being unable to avoid it in crowds… horrible! You’ll appreciate our Irish air even more when your back :)

  5. Prudence Yeo

    1 December

    Love your outfit especially the white fur collar, so chic and pretty! And definitely agree with you that having a close-knitted group of friends are so important for support! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  6. Ria Michelle

    1 December

    Aww this is very cute. Love these charming things about nyc for sure, but I definitely appreciate leaving. New York will always be one of my fave places to visit for a multitude of reasons, glad you’re having such an amazing experience.

  7. Lindsey

    2 December

    I loved this! I’m so pleased for you having a big old New York adventure. I’m looking into moving to New York, I’d love to ask you some questions about visas, neighbourhoods etc. Do you mind if I drop you an email?

  8. Abbie Tanner

    7 December

    Wow so many lessons, and yes everything does happen for a reason :-) would be a dream for me to go there one day! xx

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