Pantene Pro-V Results & My Hair Care Tips

Pantene Pro-V Results & My Hair Care Tips



Photos by Alexandra Wolf

As you guys might know, for the past 6 weeks I’ve been trying out the new Pantene Pro-V Breakage Defence Products. I’ve already shared two posts about my trial – A description of the products & a 3-week update….and now here are some photos of the end result! What do you think? I honestly am so happy with the results. Because I’ve never dyed my hair before, my hair is normally quite healthy but it just wasn’t as strong as I wanted it to be. In the past, whenever I used to brush my hair, I would always have (a lot of) hair fall-out, but after strictly using these products for 6 weeks, I have noticed such a difference. I also think they’ve added a nice shine too. You can check out all the products HERE.


For me, my hair has always been a priority. I always think that once you’re happy with your hair (who doesn’t love a good hair day?) then the rest will just fall into place. Each week, I get emails/comments from you guys asking how I style my hair – a lot of you referring to the loose curls I nearly always have – so I wanted to share my top Hair Care & Styling tips. There really isn’t any big secret behind how I curl my hair, but I do believe that it all comes down to condition of your hair. Like everything, in order to achieve good results (Skin, Hair, Weight, Energy, etc.) it all comes down to what’s in inside.

I curl my hair very simply: I break it into sections, use a very thin curling wand on a thick amount of hair and then brush out each section. I always just curl the ends of my hair (to get that loose effect) and then set each curl with Hairspray. I definitely think it’s easier to curl my hair the day after I wash it, so what I often do is wash my hair just before I go to bed, leave it dry naturally and then it’s much easier to add in the curls the next morning as it already has that wavy texture.


As I mentioned, it really does come down to how healthy your hair is. If you’re hair is in bad condition, it’s impossible to make any style look good. So here are some of my top Hair Care Tips:

1. Weekly At-Home Treatments: Every single week, I use an at-home treatment and I really believe that it makes such a big difference to the shine & softness of my hair. As I’ve been using Pantene Pro-V products for the past 6 weeks, the treatment I’ve been recently using is the ‘2 Minute Intensive Strengthening Conditioner’. I actually really like this one and will definitely continue to use it in the lead up to the Christmas Party season. It only takes 2 minutes, once a week…and it’s definitely worth it!

2. Good Food: Ok, so I must admit that I’m definitely not the healthiest of eaters. I have a HUGE sweet tooth and find it very hard to stick to a healthy eating routine for more than a week as I always seem to be on the go. But for healthy hair, the one food I MAKE myself eat a lot of is…eggs. Honestly, they’re little miracle workers. If you want longer, healthier hair (& skin too) you need to start eating more eggs. I’m definitely not a hair expert, but this little trick really works for me.

3. Cold Rinse: This can be a tricky one in the Winter….but before jumping out of the shower after rinsing out your conditioner, brave one last rinse under the cold water. It adds extra shine!

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….and that’s it! They’re all my little Hair Care Tips & Tricks. I’d love to hear any Hair Care Tips you have too? Lots of new posts coming up this week, so feel free to keep updated through my @retroflame Instagram.

Have a great week!

Stylishly Yours,

Erika x

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  1. Prudence Yeo

    25 November

    I love eating eggs so great to know that they are actually good for building healthy hair! Thanks for the tips!


  2. Crazyjane

    25 November


  3. Crazyjane

    25 November

    Hi Erika, Absolutely loving your blog. Keep up the great work!!! I am a fellow red head and like you have never dyed my hair but feel at the moment it is not at its best. My Grandmothers haircare tips were to shampoo your hair as normal and then to condition it with an egg!! I am pretty sure I went to school at times smelling of raw eggs!! She also swore by Guinness. Again as a conditioner but also as a tonic drink for healthy shiny hair. Obviously my mum wasn’t giving me a glass of Guinness in the mornings before I went to school! However I had ponies when I was growing up and when we were preparing for show season we would put a bottle of guinness into their feed once a week. They always had beautifully shiny coats!!!

  4. Great share..
    I’ve been using the Pantene Restoratives shampoo and conditioner for a few months now, and I find my hair less frizzy, more manageable, smoother, and softer. :)
    Apart from healthy eating habits, getting good sleep, using hair dryers less, here are some tips that if followed regularly will leave you with long and silky tresses which mirror health and beauty.
    A small tip for healthy hairs- Mix one part of warm water with one part of apple cider vinegar and apply the mixture to your hair. Let it stay for around 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly to clean your hair of the mixture.

  5. Kate

    12 August

    Hi, Erika… I was just wondering what curling iron you use as I have had many that either didn’t last or just weren’t up to scratch! Thanks in advance x

    • Retro Flame

      12 August

      Hi Kate! I use a remington one that I’ve had for about 5 years! x

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