NYC Packing Begins!

NYC Packing - Retro Flame - Erika Fox

As you might know, this time 2 weeks, I’m moving to NYC for a full year. Crazy!! So I’ve started the very daunting task of packing. Where does one begin!? I’ve been putting it off for ages, but last week I finally bit the bullet and made a start. I’m trying my best to be quite ‘sensible’ when packing, so I’m making an effort to ensure that I’m bringing good, basic pieces with me. Last week, I visited TK Maxx in Tralee and picked up some bits & pieces which will definitely be coming with me. I’ve spent my last two Summers in New York and the one thing that really stood out to me both times was that New Yorkers really do LOVE their black clothing & accessories….and as a result, I now do too. When I was browsing around TK Maxx, I spotted an amazing black leather jacket which you can see in the photos. Leather jackets are something you can never have enough of, so I immediately added this one to my trolley. I just love the gold detailing! I also came across the black & gold heels which I fell in love with straight away as well. Even though there is a lot of walking in NYC, I still ALWAYS have heels at the ready.

NYC Packing - Retro Flame - Erika Fox

NYC Packing - Retro Flame - Erika Fox

NYC Packing - Retro Flame - Erika Fox

Of course, as well as clothes, shoes & accessories….there are lots of other items which I have to remember too. For years, TK Maxx has been my go-to place to buy diaries & journals. I’m a big ‘list person’ and literally cannot survive a day without my journal, so whenever I’m in the store, I always pick up some new ones. The selection there last week was amazing! Also, just as I was about to pay for my items, I spotted a section full of portable iPhone chargers… a.k.a the handiest things ever! I know that I’ll be forever on the go in NYC, so I have a feeling this little device will never leave my bag. Finally, I purchased the most important item….a suitcase. I’ve been on the search for a nice, stylish one for so long, so I’m delighted to have seen this. Now all that’s left to do is fill it up :)

NYC Packing - Retro Flame - Erika Fox

NYC Packing - Retro Flame - Erika Fox

NYC Packing - Retro Flame - Erika Fox

I know that shopping in TK Maxx can be a daunting experience for some people, but I honestly can’t recommend it enough. I’ve found amazing pieces in there over the years and it will always be one of my favourite stores. What I love most is that not only can you find some pretty impressive gems at unbelievable prices, but you can also find some very unique items that nobody else will have. So my advice is give it a try – I promise you’ll find something you love!
Below are my top tips for shopping in TK Maxx:

1. Grab a trolley: As it’s a store where you have to do some ‘rooting’, you’ll want to have your hands free. Plus, as soon as you see something you love, be sure to pick it up right away because often, you won’t find another one.
2. Give yourself time: If you’re planning a trip to TK Maxx, be sure to set aside enough time. There is A LOT to see, so you definitely won’t want to be rushing.
3. Don’t stress: The main thing is to have fun while shopping in TK Maxx. It’s best to shop the store by department (e.g. womenswear) followed by section (e.g. dresses) and then by your size. This way you can literally speed shop through the store :)
4. Visit Regularly: Remember each of the stores get deliveries – 50,000 items throughout the week to be exact – so there’s always new treasures to find.
5. Shop with an open mind: Your treasure hunt begins as soon as you walk in and I guarantee you’ll always, “find exactly what you weren’t looking for.”

Overall whether you’re going a weekend break, a Summer holiday or moving to a brand new country like me…You need to visit TK Maxx to pick up some essentials. I’ll definitely be popping in again before I leave!

I’m off to Killarney today to shoot some outfits with the lovely Dominika. We’ve been planning to shoot together for ages, so I’m very excited. Lots more posts coming up in the next week!

Have a great Thursday!

Stylishly Yours,

Erika x


  1. Hannah Court

    14 August

    I bet you are so excited to be moving to New York for a year! Lucky girl, and very jealous of you. I love TK Maxx and the leather jacket and statement heels that you bought are so stylish! I really need to pick up a portable Iphone charger because they come in really handy, really looking forward to seeing your New York blog posts as it is my favourite city next to Paris and London xo
    Hannah <3

  2. Zoe

    14 August

    My one huuuuge recommendation for spending any extending time overseas: only pack about half of what you need! I’m sure you know from your two summers in NYC that other countries have different stores and all of it can be sooo tempting. When I spent six months in Ireland, I only ended up using about half of what I packed, and coming home with double what I packed in new clothes from stores we don’t have in the States. That leather jacket is beautiful, and such a must!! You are going to have the best time, I can’t wait to follow your NYC adventures!

    The What’s In Between

  3. vonyll

    15 August

    I love TK Maxx as well, went there in Dublin all the time!
    Your suitcase looks so pretty I’m jealous *0*

  4. Maggie A

    18 August

    Best of Luck!! <3 :)

    Maggie A

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