Retro Flame Skincare Diary: Product Introduction

Retro Flame Skincare Diary: Product Introduction


I mentioned on my Instagram (@retroflame) a couple of days ago that I was beginning a brand new skincare regime in the quest to get my healthy and bright skin back. Last February I suffered a burst appendix and as a result, I had to spend quite a few weeks in hospital. I won’t go into any details, but the poison from my appendix really affected my body and also had a terrible effect on my skin. Since then, my skin has been dry & dull and I’ve also become very prone to breakouts. Prior to being sick, I never really had any major trouble with my skin, apart from the normal spot here or there throughout school and college. Due to my skin being quite good, I never used any skincare products (literally none apart from face wipes) and therefore up until a few weeks ago, I had zero knowledge about what products to use. Being completely honest, I didn’t even know the order you should be cleansing, toning, etc. I was hopeless! I think when you’re younger, unless you’re taught about the ‘proper’ way to effectively take care of your skin, it’s very hard to know what exactly you should and shouldn’t be doing.

I want to reiterate that I’m definitely not a skincare/beauty expert, I’m just someone trying to figure out what is good for my own skin. These products may not be for everyone, but I’ll be giving my honest opinion on each over the next month and it may turn out that a few or all might suit your skin too. I did quite a lot of research into all the different skincare products and finally decided to go with the ones I’ve shown below. These are products which are a little more expensive in comparison to products you’ll find in Boots, etc. but just like I believe in investing in good quality clothes, I also believe that your skin is something you have to invest into. It’s something you need to look after (you’re stuck with it after all) so I think it is so important to be using good quality products.

Kinvara Skincare

-Absolute Cleansing Oil
-Active Rosehip Day Cream
-Rosehip Face Serum (So excited to try this, it’s apparently amazing!)

Ogra Skincare

-Cucumber and Orange Toner
-Manai Tiare Petal Exfoliant
-100% Peat Face and Body Mask
-Nourishing Facial Moisturiser

Elizabeth Arden

-Brightening Eye Gel
-Eight Hour Nourishing Lip Balm With SPF 20 (Brilliant of your lips go crazy in the cold weather)
-Eye makeup remover

Beauty by the River Salon

Beauty by the River Salon

These are the products that I will be testing out for the next 28 days. Today is day 1 and I started my regime with the most AMAZING Orga facial by Marianne at Beauty by the River Salon here in Glenbeigh (Kerry) where I live. It was so relaxing and I really did feel it working. As I didn’t previously know a lot about skincare, Marianne, a trained beautician, really talked me through the facial and has helped to explain the purpose and need for each of the products I will be trying. It definitely is worth it to seek advice from somebody with experience, I can’t believe how much I’ve learned already. For the facial, she used all Ogra Products and I could feel the difference immediately. She advised me to begin with a facial so that I was starting with a completely clean surface to ensure that the products would have the best possible chance of working. Both Kinvara and Orga are Irish and Organic brands and I’m always delighted to support local/Irish brands.

As I mentioned before, not all of these products might be suitable for everyone, but it might be the case that one or two may suit you. The Beauty by the River Salon currently stocks all of the Ogra and Kinvara products, so if you do have any questions or think that they might suit you after seeing my progress throughout the next month, you can get in touch with the salon Here or check out their other treatments Here. As well as the Ogra facial, the salon also offers a ‘Teenage Facial’ for younger girls and if it’s anything at all like the facial I had today, you will LOVE it! To launch this new feature on my blog, the salon has been kind enough to allow you to get 10% off any of the Ogra or Kinvara products just by mentioning ‘Retro Flame’ when purchasing.

This time next week, after one full week of testing them out, I’ll be describing each product in detail. I’ll be describing how often I’m using each of them, which ones I’m particularly liking, when exactly I’m using them (some may be better just at night) and of course, I’ll also be letting you know if they’re starting to make an improvement. I can’t wait to see how it goes!

Thanks for reading and hope you’ve liked this new feature on Retro Flame!

Stylishly Yours,

Erika x


  1. Michaela

    3 December

    Love this idea Erika! I’m on the search for new skincare stuff so ill definitely be excited to hear what works for you!

  2. Sylvia

    4 December

    I really loved this post! Thanks so much for Sharing.

    I would be so happy to have you as a visitor on my blog as well.
    Happy Day!

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